1. Percy should’ve been in Hufflepuff based on hard work and loyalty, the top 2 Hufflepuff traits.

  2. Where does it say that he got the highest NEWT scores in Hogwarts history?

  3. "I'm ready to go to jail tonight for beating up a member of my immediate family." I'm glad my family is normal ass people.

  4. Right? Hearing the terrible stuff people have gone through with their family is wild. My family is a big boring normal loving family, and now that I’m older I realize just how rare that can be/how lucky I am.

  5. I heard from somewhere that jail is a completely normal thing for some people. While others its completely terrifying. To others is a circle of life and stuff. Absolutely bonkers.

  6. Yeah, I really don’t get it, there’s no confrontation that could ever make me mad enough to be willing to go to jail. (Unless someone hurt my mom/family in front of me, but that’s different obviously)

  7. I was thinking the same thing reading this thread, actually. I started college at 17 and in hindsight I was emotionally immature and prone to being mean and lashing out. My parents were very proud of me but I almost wish I had waited a year. Our go, go, go! race through education ends up leaving people behind -- and it sucks when its you.

  8. It’s crazy seeing replies like this, and realizing my dad was right all those years ago. I could have finished high school 1 or 2 years early, but my dad was completely against it. Which I thought was odd, because my dad is ALL ABOUT education, and higher learning.

  9. Best advice I ever got was, “you’re not good enough to get mad.”

  10. Exactly. It’s one thing if you’re consistently practicing and have an absolutely uncharacteristic round, sure be a little upset it’s natural. But my friend would play with me sometimes and he was new to the game, never practiced, never warmed up, and wouldn’t take advice after asking for it, drank too much, and then would be angry all day because he was playing badly.

  11. Lol yeah, little turd was worried more about his phone being ruined, than getting laid out. Definitely an iPad kid

  12. Any chance you can show me a pic of the kennel? Did you start with a smaller one when they were a puppy and upgrade to a bigger one later? The reason I ask that is becuase I read some things about not letting them have too big a kennel when they are still very small because then there is space for them to do their business and get away from it, if that makes sense.

  13. Oh I get that for sure! He started with a small kennel when he was tiny/not smart enough to escape. Then eventually I had to upgrade after a couple months to one a little bigger. Then I finally got him a big one when he was about 8-10 months when he grew a lot.

  14. Or even just the brand cause if you're recommending it.. I want to be able to look into getting the same one potentially! I guess I asked for a pic to get a rough sense of the size of the 'final kennel' haha

  15. No, there weren’t any coins to them. They were supposed to be book marks but I don’t know what the holes are for

  16. Of course it is. Unusual and cruel punishments are illegal in most countries. If it was something to prevent someone from snitching, maybe it would be understandable. But that was just revenge.

  17. Yeah the greater good only applies when it’s our lord and saviour Hermione doing it. Dumbledore can get fucked

  18. Dumbledore was literally trying to overthrow the statute of secrecy and force muggles into subservience at the age of 17. Hermione was doing the exact opposite, so it was pretty different… but yeah sure I guess 🤦🏽‍♂️

  19. No, he used a summoning charm on the brain (accio brain), and when it went to him the brain “tentacles” burned and almost strangled him.

  20. I know exactly what you mean, and it actually happened to me recently!! When I was in active addiction I would transfer cash from my credit card using a certain method.

  21. “Opportunity, grief 3some with Gina and Blaine’s hot mom question mark?!?!” Dude I die laughing every time I see this part

  22. Easy. I like guns, and dont support taking books from kids. Why do people assume you support half the shit your party is pushing?

  23. Yep. Sooooo many men think their dick takes precedence over anything in the world. Had a long conversation with an Uber driver who was convinced that catcalling was a great way to meet women. I ran the numbers for him on how many women he'd actually gone on a date with that way vs how many women he caused fear or distress, and asked why one date for him was worth making 300 women upset. Still didn't get it.

  24. Has cat calling ever actually worked for anybody in history?? It’s nothing but creepy, I can’t imagine any woman being like “woah that was so nice of him, I should go over and flirt back!”

  25. But also there are lots of cool artists. Don't give your time and money to people you don't like. You'll find new stuff you like, and won't have to justify it to yourself.

  26. I just honestly don’t care what any celebrity has to say, even more so if they’re an asshole. JK Rowling is a piece of shit, but I still spend my money on Harry Potter stuff because it makes me a little happier in this shitty world. Am I putting more money in her pocket? Maybe, but I’m going to do what makes me happy and one asshole’s world view isn’t going to take away something that I love. I’ll never let them have that power over me, if I did they’d win.

  27. Kreacher's mini redemption arc will forever be the biggest snub from the movies. Idec about important plot movers like the Gaunt memories, etc. But goddammit I want to watch kreacher be HAPPY.

  28. Exactly!! I LOVED this part of deathly hallows!! In my mind kreacher was the one who convinced the house elves to leave the kitchens and fight in the battle. I imagine he told the other elves how good of a wizard Harry is/how good of a master he is and talked them into running into battle.

  29. That one always gets to me. Luna was super quirky but she had a huge heart and was a loyal friend. It is always sad to see how mean spirited kids can be.

  30. While I don’t think anyone deserves to be treated like that, I understand why she would annoy a lot of people. She’s constantly talking about made up BS as if it’s fact, and refuses to see any logic presented to her. The kind of people like that are so annoying, and I can’t stand them. It’s literally the same thing as having to talk to a flat earther or an antivax person. I cannot stand those people and for good reason. This is probably why she didn’t have friends, only a few people got the chance to truly get to know her and see past all of her wizard-qanon crap.

  31. I can definitely see it hindering computer knowledge. I’m team iPhone BECAUSE it’s so simple to use, there’s a single button for everything.

  32. I meant buttons as in app icons, not physical buttons. My mistake.

  33. When I golf alone, I'm there to score well, when I golf with friends, I'm there to hangout.

  34. I hate when I play by myself and do really well, and I usually do play well when alone. But there’s nobody there to confirm

  35. My orthodontist had the demo in his office and it is the only reason I fell in love with having my braces. Would sit there and replay that game over and over, now that’s how you know that game holds up!

  36. Is this a normal orthodontist thing?? To have video games in the waiting area.

  37. That's understandable. I do get emotional, though, every time he yells, "That's my son!" Mostly because Ron's dad yells that at the beginning of the movie when the ministry reps are surrounding Ron and the gang at the World Cup. I think it's a tough, but realistic, juxtaposition.

  38. I can’t watch the priori incantatem scene without crying anymore. When Cedric tells Harry to take his body back I can’t help but cry. My best friend died when we were out of the country and his* mom asked me to take his body back, and now I relive that moment when I watch that scene. I just imagine my friend asking me to take his body back to his parents.

  39. Yup, and that’s a lot of the reason why guys are insecure about their girlfriends having close male friends. More often than not that guy is waiting for their chance to swoop in and try to date them.

  40. Maybe it was a distance issue Perhaps he drove past a chucky cheese and got worried Then reached Chipotle and said ok that's enough

  41. I think it has more to do with how many different dicks this dick road is paved with. Say a girl(or guy) is dating only one guy for 4 years of college and assume they had sex just as/possibly more frequently, the dick road would be just as long if not longer. Except this dick road would be paved with the same dick, and not 200 different dicks.

  42. It can be your favorite food texture, clothing texture, whatever comes to mind!

  43. Its also the club that has the least devastating shots available with it. You're not hitting a putter 50 yards off line into a hazard(I hope). A bad hole putting is a 3 putt, a 4 putt is worse, but those dont happen often....how many wayward shots do people hit off the tee?

  44. Yea you’re totally right, 4 putts don’t happen often at all, that’d be crazy 🥹

  45. Im a golf fitter. If you still need help I can probably figure out majority of it. Just DM me and ill try to draw a graphic for what goes where cause some of these shafts arent normally iron shafts.

  46. They seem to be all fitting shafts, are there actually normal ones here? I’m not sure if I’d be bummed about this find or not lol Of course it’d be a cool find, but does fitting gear have any resell value?

  47. Yes it’s fully compatible, I used it when I had the elite series 2 and the Mixamp M80, it’s a very nice complement to the controller although I always felt the wire was a bit too short for my liking at least.

  48. Did you use the controller/headset combo with the steam deck? I have a series X and use the combo. But I want to get a steam deck and use it. Just wondering if anyone has used it

  49. Oh awesome!! Does the voice/game sound balancing work??

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