1. I’ve met women like this before, I’m an Indian guy as well. A lot of em fuck around and settle in their 30s due to family pressure.

  2. You lost me on India part brotha, I just meet em through friends or clubs in America lol.

  3. We got a new CJI in India. The man is a hardcore feminist. They did not make the laws gender neutral, but are already introducing marital rape law, which means (3 + 1) law to falsely accuse you and your family of rape without evidence. You gonna sit 1 - 1.5 years in jail and then the court will actually listen to you.

  4. Just another way to earn money. Kuch bda nhi krliya isne, women joke was always right.

  5. Last two minutes of Saiman's video is a tight slap to majority members of this sub. Which is true tho. Pta nhi pseudo feminist ko target krne ke liye saari aurton ko internet pe humiliate Krna thik kaise lgta hai. Fir all men are dogs bol diya toh bologe all men are not the same.

  6. When pseudo feminist are in positions of power in politics, SC, and so many areas like interviews, placements, freebies are given to women, just bcz they are women.

  7. I mean I feel her. She wants a partner not a charity case. I'm younger than her but in a similar situation and I can tell you, I'm sick of these broke ass 20 something's that don't have their shit together. Like I don't care how cute you are l, I'm not looking for a child to take care of. No I'm not paying your student loan debt, figure that hair out for yourself. It's a struggle. And I appreciate the desire to not have that awkward dynamic in a relationship.

  8. Go to the forum and see the link to a Youtube video.Then i guess read a lot on the sister sub. Pretty much if you take out the nuggets, it would do you real good.

  9. Yeah it is crazy. There was a popular Reddit story the other day (in a really incorrect sub for it) about I guy in the U.K. asking if he was wrong for throwing his girlfriend out at 3am having found out she cheated

  10. IDM is not a corporation. Make a corporation and do both of these things, teri corporation jaal jayegi jb tu yeh krega females ke saath. Men are more versatile as we know how to take a joke, ulta krke ek baar kriyo, fun of women pta chl jayega. Half of it is just how much equality they want for all v/s for themselves. Laws pdhle ya phir, vo pdhne nhi haain.

  11. Woman here, but my bf (now husband) was the one who brought up exclusivity. I found it mature and very reassuring that HE was looking for monogamy. I think any woman who's on the same page would be thrilled to be asked that question. And if she's not on that page, you want to know.

  12. Wow.So that means people come to dating while fucking others? Sometime ago mature women were telling to have breaks between breakups/relationships and not get washed away into hookups. Nowadays the advice is to go into it ig. Weird.

  13. The baby is only 9 months old. It will have absolutely no memory of this Christmas, or of any presents it did or did not receive. If you don't want to get a gift, don't get a gift.

  14. Did you not read the post? She had been communicating with him non stop, he refuses to deal with his own family, wants her take the brunt of it and create an even more awkward situation on her own, even though its HIS issue with HIS brother. Its not up to her to manage awkward situations with HIS family, thats up to him. He’s a child throwing a tantrum that doesn’t want to communicate with anyone and would rather she run the risk of his family having issues with her because he cant deal with his issues himself. You and this guy want her to be thrown under the bus so he doesn’t have to grow up.

  15. Listen you idiot, whosoever takes the gift returns it.Thats it and pretty much whatever shit you all neckbeards are spouting about him giving silent treatment.

  16. I got engaged to a virgin while I was a non-virgin (she was one due to social anxiety). But I only got to know this when we first tried to have sex, she never told me about this. She being a virgin was never on my mind while chosing her as a life partner, she has an infinite number of great qualities.

  17. It is different for men buddy.Apparently, modern lobs are all telling women to fuck around 23-29 and have kinky sex but then at 30, just find a nice guy with finances.

  18. All over reddit, woman are always saying that they do not have time to think about someone else having sex.

  19. She might be thinking about that insta influencer, it's a small mistake

  20. I would argue that the immaturity comes from the strikt dating culture… not some movies. Teenagers and young adults don’t collect any experience most of the time. Many young adults I met in India behave like teens in that regard because the didn’t got the room to mature.

  21. Dude just move out and start living with the girl. They will have to come around.

  22. Haan and then something happens and its parents fault. Parents should disown him.

  23. Also don't force to take husband's surname. I didn't ask my wife. Told her to keep name as she was born with it and added her surname as the middle name in my son's name.

  24. At 33, I feel like I have way less emotional baggage than I did in my 20s. Now that I know things and what to care and not care about, I’m way more emotionally stable. I think men are less attracted to that to be honest.

  25. That they come from a place where they speak about this. You guys are real idiots to not understand this.

  26. They've got a house and kids together at rapid pace, which of course he paid for. Was my best mate for 11 years and he's severed all contact with me now, no one is invited to their wedding. She monitors his texts so you can never be sure if he's read them.

  27. That is what woman call, something. See, that shit is done when someone planning to kill.

  28. They'll give you a thousand reasons why they do it before sport. But we all know the real impetus. Sport and fun. They delude themselves into thinking "it's for the deer". "I don't enjoy being out here, saving up for half a year for this trip, it's just this deer population in a state I don't even live in is wowzers".

  29. Yup. It is all entertainment. All the hypocrites coming together to shout the same lame excuse.

  30. Does your household eat meat? If yes they're hypocrites and you shouldn't listen to them. If they're vegan and raised you as such with no meat I can see them being a little more justified to act that way but if they buy steak from the store but refuse to hunt they're turning a blind eye and just as bad as they clame you are. We eat meat how do we get it? We have to kill it's a great skill to have just in case in my opinion.

  31. I would not want me friend to have sex with my ex. OP I think your feelings are valid. I don’t think the timing matters. I expect my friend to respect me enough to not sleep with my ex’s I wouldn’t try to fuck hers.

  32. This is what i am talking about. The respect, his friend seems like a horndog, just telling you, you know type of person.

  33. He doesn’t see anything wrong with it because there’s nothing wrong with it, love. Even if you’d broken up yesterday, it wouldn’t be a nice thing to do, but you’d have no say in it. I don’t mean to belittle your feelings but I’ve had a number of friends hook up with / date an ex of mine and I always root for them. It makes sense that two people you get/got along with would get along with each other.

  34. Didnt you get a memo? When men agree on something, he must stick to it for eternity, but women have all the rights to change mind in any time and place, they can even change mind after the situation. The joke how women bring what you done or promise from 10 years ago doesnt come from nowhere

  35. Things are improving in Indian football the corruption head means the former head who is very corrupted is removed many corrupted officials are removed and youngster are getting chance and they are doing good and our next mission is doing good in AFC Asian Cup 2023

  36. Problem is when people do not know about this or Sunil Chettri. Kyu pta hona chahiye? Curiosity. Indian football team ko criticise krne ke liye you should read up on whats happening to them , but yahan log "vo kuch krte nhi" bolkr hero bnte haain?

  37. That's the issue I don't know any such doctor now and have no clue how to find one. And I am not generalizing that all doctors are bad, I used to know a doctor who retired from the army and was the nicest doctor ever but sadly he is no more.

  38. Google review pdha kro, practo vgreh pr jao. Mene toh ye sb kiya tha.

  39. How times have changed. Earlier it used to be the boys using the girl and the girl left high and dry, sometimes pregnant.

  40. Being a parent is always going to suck ass. There's always something that you'll be bad at.

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