1. It is probably your string crossing technique.

  2. Generally speaking, FNPs are made for out patient clinics and not the EDs. AGACNPs like hospitalist service and ICU uses are jam-up. Most EDs use FNPs and I'm not sure why. Almost every FNP comes from a non high acuity background.

  3. Post open heart High SVR Low CO Normal MAP (assumed from last sentence)

  4. Ok my comment may come across as snide but if you’re asking these questions, you’re not ready to take care of this patient population and your school, training, and your experiences have failed you.

  5. Is it even legally possible for an NCO to be a "commander" in any real sense, like signing binding documents etc?

  6. Sometimes specialized shampoos are done as well but leave this to someone that knows what they’re doing because this involves water and the bow has metal components.

  7. I’m willing to try it. where in the US can I buy it? oh…

  8. Target sells it. I think Walmart sells it too in their international food section if you’re a degen that shops there. Asian grocery stores assuredly have it.

  9. Walmart makes me a degen? shit the only Walmart I can go with a purpose is near my cabin in CA, so like 8 times a year outside of winter. Walmart rocks dude.

  10. Meh I don’t support it because their business ethics are utterly nonexistent.

  11. Let’s agree the Kewpie Japanese mayo is the best mayo on the planet?

  12. Real answer: side effects. And there’s a lot. From reproductive problems, cardiac problems, to liver problems, to behavioral problems and so on.

  13. He edited his post significantly. He said originally that they’re not deployable and they in fact are. After I said this, he then edited to clarify but is still partially wrong.

  14. Ok, homie said they're not deployable* simply and outright. And then he edited his post to move the goalposts and clarify that he’s taking about CBRN.

  15. We use it all the time in critical care transport. 0.1mg/kg for pain, 1mg/kg for agitation, 4mg/kg for sedation. Love it, great drug when given and used properly.

  16. Yup that’s our RSI and sedation dose. We do ICU transports so our vented patients can get 4mg/kg IVP Q10 minutes. It’s also our dose for extreme aggression, but that’s moreso used on the paramedic end. Violent, agitated patients get that dose IM. When I was a trauma ER nurse in a huge inner city ER we used to do 500mg of ketamine IM like it was candy. Only thing that was able to knock out our PCP/K2 patients.

  17. I mean IM doses are always going to be larger than IV doses because of absorption and metabolism differences

  18. Do all you Americans put eggs in the fridge??

  19. Well, yeah. They US military has literally made games in the past with the America's Army series. And the biggest blockbuster of the year, top gun, was also a giant recruitment ad for the navy. They're not exactly being subtle about this.

  20. The amount of preservatives in medication vials/IV bags is astounding.

  21. I feel like most musicians and those within the arts are on the same side of the argument….

  22. Okay I zoomed in and I’m only claiming a very basic understanding of 12 lead interpretation. Correct me if I’m wrong but the reciprocal depression you are referring to is found in 1, and V1,V2 and V3?

  23. Has pericarditis been ruled out? Lol

  24. With morphology (upwardly convex) and reciprocal depression, it is extremely unlikely it is pericarditis

  25. And once again, I'm mad we're not doing proper mental health care and early intervention and waiting until things progress to this point before any interventions happen.

  26. Bro it’s a 30-40 min train ride and nobody’s gonna know the difference between Kanagawa and Tokyo. It’s like saying JBLM is in Seattle. Yes, JBLM is south of Seattle it but it’s a contextual point of reference just like Zama to Tokyo. Relax

  27. I have an EV and absolutely love the speed, convenience, and quiet. I can not wait until it's more widespread and I can get a Model 3 Performance competitor from Honda/Toyota/whoever and be rid of this Tesla. The service sucks. The fit and finish sucks. Being even vaguely associated with Elon Musk sucks.

  28. It’s analogous to Chick-fil-A: excellent products; terrible corporate overlords.

  29. The rain jackets from Patagonia aren’t great. Mine delaminated and they’re unable to repair that. Some googling shows that that’s a pretty common issue with their rain gear.

  30. If they can’t repair they should give you a credit.

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