1. I'm guessing this person is using a glass adapter without a air port.

  2. what about resin? Think that would work better? And snow 😅😅😅 Dont wanna talk about that. Been trying to get off of it. My parents will kick me out if they find out though, and I have this gut feeling Im going to be tested today.

  3. Is your drug use the reason you still live with your parents as a 23 year old adult?

  4. You know SEVERE mental illness and cannabis don't go together, right? If someone tries to tell you different they don't care about your well being at all and just want to push the narrative that cannabis cures everything.

  5. I guarantee you she’ll be exchanged for some Russian agent is the worst prisoner exchange of all time

  6. Doubt it. We're not gonna exchange a Russian agent for a weed smoker.

  7. Don't mess with oils and carts just get actual CBD flower.

  8. Hold up a second. You're saying CBD caused you more pain? You need to get your CBD from somewhere else.

  9. 14. Bring an offering like munchies/drink if you’re out of weed. Everyone will appreciate you once the sesh is over

  10. If I'm hosting at my house nobody has to bring anything. It's called being a good host.

  11. You would think if people spend hundreds of dollars on a vaporizer they would maintain them better.

  12. You need to get out more if you think paper wrapped around cannabis is the most beautiful thing in the world.

  13. Why don't you just buy more flower and throw this nasty burnt stuff away?

  14. You want to put synthetic crap in your body? Good luck with that.

  15. No, there delivery drivers are forced to tell everyone in the household along with the rest of the neighborhood by yelling loudly " Battery for cannabis INCOMMING" when they are at least a block away.

  16. She is TRYING to get a bipolar diagnosis? Very interesting.🤔

  17. I'm a flavor chaser for sure. Smoke tastes like butthole.

  18. Looks like the other cannabinoids are separated from the THC.

  19. No, it was advice. 🙃😚

  20. You'll be fine, sweetie. Lots of people experiment with things at many different ages. I think trying edibles, instead of actually SMOKING the product, is a wise choice. No reason to damage your lungs! My advice to you, is to source your product SAFELY, from a trusted adult. Get some snacks and some funny movies, and be in a safe space, where a trusted adult knows where you are if someone should have a panic attack. It happens! I hope you have a pleasant experience, please stay safe!

  21. First experience with cannabis at 14 and you recommended edibles? Yeah, that's gonna go real well 🤨

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