1. I wonder if he asks his Asian athletes how big or slanted their 👁 are 😒

  2. Yeah it was a scam. It was part of that Arena Carry PayPal account. Apparently, in World of Warcraft you could pay him to “carry” you to the next “arena” or level of the game. There were a bunch of review online of people saying it was a scam.

  3. He also needs pct and all the aeimjdex he puts his women on. He should keeps some for himself becsuse he’s full of estrogen. You can see his bitch tits through his shirt. That’s why you see him pulling on his t shirt all the time.

  4. He pays for followers and likes. His credit card got declined one day at the hotel room when he was trying to buy followers/likes. No one at the top of the ifbb likes him. He talks about other coaches like he knows them but he doesn’t. He doesn’t even gets a repost from them. Cause they know he’s scum. He was afloat because of Jen and then because of Lauralie. Now they are both gone and has nobody. His throwing himself under the bus by having exposing his true nature to everyone. And he doesn’t want anyone to know that everyone knows he’s a piece of shit. So he constantly has to buy followers and likes to seem credible.

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