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  1. I find it ridiculous that Prince objected to that line given the adult nature of most of his songs.

  2. Prince did not reject the collaboration because he thought "your butt is mine" was too adult in nature. He refused to do the song because he thought it sounded ridiculous.

  3. Look at the interview, it wasn't the language it was the line was aimed at him. He would have sung to MJ 'Your butt is mine', egos my friend, egos.

  4. Yep. I watched the entire docudrama. I'm a big Prince fan. Prince thought it was ridiculous for MJ to be singing how "bad" he was and he thought singing about "your butt is mine" was stupid. You are 100% right. It was about ego's.

  5. what's funny about this is my parents made me a computshare account in the early 90's i never knew i had it until i logged into see my gme shares, after all those years it never got deleted

  6. I have read several posts like this, and it really goes to show what a nothing-burger this issue is. SO many things will keep your accounts active. Automatically reinvesting dividends for example counts as activity in my state. Instead of worrying, people just need to check out their state escheatment laws.

  7. I don't understand the concern. I'm in Louisiana. Louisiana law says I need to log into my ComputerShare account (or make a purchase, or a sale, or call them on the phone) once every 3 years. That's all I have to do to keep my account active.

  8. Let it dry. Flip it out and get a peek at it's roots. Then you'll have a better idea if the "too much water" people are right, or if the "not enough water" people are correct. Cheers!

  9. Them: "You interrupted a private conversation and inserted yourself into a conversation that you weren't a part of!"

  10. In the future, when every video could be a deep fake and every social media interaction could be AI... apathy will reign supreme! Personal relationships within tight knit communities will be the only things that we know for certain are real.

  11. Don't fear confrontation. If you want to let her go, just tell her you appreciate the good work she's done but you won't be needing her any longer. Give her a little bonus cash and tell her she can use you as a reference. (To people that don't have plants.) And move on. Make sure your man is on the same page. No biggie. Cheers!

  12. Dude got murdered by agents of the government and you’re worried about people with insurance

  13. I feel bad for neighborhoods that have no more gas and grocery stores.

  14. that’s been an issue completely unrelated to the “looting” you’re over here crying about

  15. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. But I'm sure no one wants exponential suffering. Small neighborhood businesses owned by locals are so good for the community. They often give the community a strong voice in the city council. It's horrible when they get burned and looted. But maybe it won't happen. Maybe the bad cops go to jail, and it doesn't have to destroy sections of a great city. Please stay safe!

  16. Consider NOT telling peeps what to do/think/say. Ask nicely. If it has merit, you may reach people. Lead with "Stop" and my brain starts singing Rage Against The Machine.

  17. You've already checked yours, but I have a funny story! When we bought our first house the upstairs bathroom fan did not work so we went to replace it... and 50 pecans fell out. Stupid squirrel was stuffing nuts into the vent pipe!

  18. My grandma had a little square table, where all four sides had a moon shaped drop leaf that would make it round (4' diameter). It was used square as a sideboard for bread, until holiday meals, when it became the "kid's table" and round.

  19. Which means there are probably a bunch of kiss-asses coming out of school applying there with messages like:

  20. I just went to Etsy to look for a Kalanchoe blossfeldiana and a maiden fern and I was surprised I can't see the "shipping from" location any longer. And I also saw many stores no longer give their location on their front page any more.

  21. You're right! Went to check for myself as I noticed it was hidden in the "calculate shipping costs" dialogue for some time now (the shop location is still there though). Man, now I don't even know if I have to expect customs.

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