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  1. God I hate when they do that, I’ll help you out. It’s in or around London

  2. I've looked all over London, Canada - I still can't find it.

  3. Pretty sure the key issue this time was immigration issues. Italy being a nation very close to a lot of places where people try to get away from. I don’t know what the left’s responsibility is there, have you seen Italy’s coastline? Also, Italy and all of Europe benefits economically with immigration.

  4. I've seen in Europe (along the Italian and French border) cops board trains looking for illegal immigrants (trying to talk exclusively to black guys in the local language and asking them for ID). They immediately pull out ones that don't pass their "test" and who know what happens after. I've been all around the US, and I've never seen ICE board public transit to arbitrarily hunt for illegals. So, it seems like they are still doing a lot (by the standards I'm used to), but still have a huge flow of people.

  5. This site is filled with North Americans who think they know what Europe is like and seem to have some fantasy image of the place.

  6. Seeing all these fights on Reddit has made my new biggest fear being brutally assaulted or murdered with a weapon while a crowd of able bodied people just watches and commentates

  7. I really don't think someone just started swinging a knife at a completely random person.

  8. As soon as the guy got arrested and taken out; THAT was the time for someone else to take a run at the coffin.

  9. If we all Naruto run at it, they surely can’t arrest us all.

  10. He just committed the most serious crime in the uk: cutting in line

  11. You say that, but Brits are some of the worst line cutters I see when out in Continental Europe. They’re worse than the Americans when they go abroad.

  12. Just got asked to tip 18/20/25 to be handed a bag of Tostitos and sealed cup of nacho cheese at the concession stand at a MLB game. Lol, no fuckin way.

  13. LA has this everywhere. Literally counters where people handing you stuff asking for tips, lol wtf.

  14. Wow. That’s more than 2X Canada’s entire immigration numbers.

  15. LOL, my man, I completely understand you. I’ve lived in Canada and the USA, and I’ve never had this issue. But people here don’t even walk in a straight line! They’ll just start walking diagonally for a bit before switching waking diagonally to a different side of the sidewalk (and the changes are so random and sporadic). Makes trying to get pass people so difficult. And like you said, there’s no consistency on which side people walk on.

  16. The peninsula hotels are famous for their afternoon teas. There is one in Beverly Hills.

  17. I don’t know where you went to school, but i directly use the knowledge and skills I gained in university in my day job. I also work a lot less at my job than I did in school.

  18. $240,000 per immigrant. This is why I don't think Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility.

  19. How is this even possible? How much is a ticket from Florida to Chicago?

  20. Definitely not a monarchist, but I’m down to go (if I can take some work off, which I likely can’t) given it’s a “historical” person in aspects. Speaks nothing to me liking/disliking the monarchy or the person. If Hitler’s casket was on display in my city, I would have gone as well, to just check it out.

  21. I went to see Mao. He has been there for decades though. That, in itself, was interesting.

  22. Oh I count anything below like 6 as a young child. It must be so boring for the kids

  23. So pretty much what every other Dubai type person does when they get denied.

  24. I don’t know about overhyped. Hakkasan is amazing and probably one of the best clubs in the world (I say that having been to other places with super clubs like Ibiza, London, etc.). Hakkasan Las Vegas is easily up among the best and they have some huge names on display.

  25. If you don’t pay for something, you are the product. This is why you just buy your own table, and if you can’t afford if, just buy GA ticket and enjoy the dance floor (better than a table IMHO anyways).

  26. Dammit! If only we could find more royal blood - someone worthy of ruling....

  27. México also uses letter sized paper, not A4.

  28. I know it’s not the point, but ~2.1% rate of return (based on the article’s statement that Charles received 21mil from that estate) on that billion is abysmal lol

  29. Not really. The BOE rate was basically 0 since the financial crisis until just now. Real rich people aren’t WSB apes. They put their huge capital in very safe investments and stay rich forever.

  30. We've got these pretty wicked things now called planes.

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