1. I think it’s more about the society perception of what a man has to be. Like watch this documentary there is a point they mention that men across the world have similar patterns with abusing women

  2. First off, your comment doesn't have any relation to what OP was talking about. Furthermore it's utter BS.

  3. First off, that’s incredibly messed up that your legal system doesn’t recognize female rape. Females can absolutely rape men, and should be held to the same legal standards that men are held to in that situation. I’m from the United States. Thankfully, we have that whole “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” rule. This makes cases of rape incredibly difficult to prove, as it’s usually a case of he said/she said. Rape is a crime that rarely has witnesses, so without DNA and signs of physical trauma, it’s usually not enough to prove in a court of law. It’s because of this, that false accusers are unlikely to succeed in framing another person. While that’s a good thing, because obviously no one wants to see an innocent person go to prison, it also means a lot of guilty people get off. The real downside in the US to a false accusation isn’t the legal implications, it’s the social consequences. Whether or not someone is found innocent, their lives are often destroyed. With that said, it’s an extremely rare circumstance to be falsely accused. False accusations are evil on so many levels, but thankfully uncommon. I don’t think as men, that you guys need to live in fear of the average woman doing that. Just like I don’t live in fear of men as a female. Another thing that really pisses me off about false accusers, is they take validity and trust away from real victims. It’s just evil. People who falsely report others for crimes should be held accountable to whatever extent the law allows.

  4. Unfortunately a lot of people don't think like you do my friend. If they did, we wouldn't be in this predicament and MGTOW wouldn't exist.

  5. First of all, thank you for being civil and actually listening to what I said, and then responding intelligently and well thought out. You’re a skilled writer and clearly a thoughtful man. I’m all about civil conversations and debate, and I love to learn something from people that I might disagree with at first. I appreciate other people who partake in civil discourse and learning. That’s a good analogy about plane crashes. You’re right. Just because it’s not common, doesn’t mean false accusations are not devastatingly destructive. Young men lose scholarships, people lose their jobs, they get abandoned by friends and family… in that situation, I doubt it’s much comfort to a man to think about how uncommon false accusations are, when it’s him being accused and his life being utterly destroyed and ripped to shreds. In the US, a person can be charged with reporting a false crime, giving false testimony, wasting police resources, etc… The problem with that is, as difficult as it is to prove rape in a court of law, it’s just as difficult to prove someone lied about it. All of the reasons that make rape cases difficult to get to trial, are the same reasons it’s difficult to bringing a false accuser to trial. We need to at least try to hold people accountable. You make a REALLY good point about keeping the sentence fair, so as not to scare real victims away from coming forward. Obviously, just because an accused rapist is found not guilty, doesn’t mean we should automatically string up his accuser. The standard for proof should be just as high as any other crime. I’ve been a member of the MRA sub for a long time. I know people don’t believe me, because I am a feminist, but I consider myself a very strong advocate of mens rights. I joined the community expecting to be misunderstood, and while I’ve dealt with a lot of ignorance, I’ve been treated with respect by a lot of the members. I’ve enjoyed talking, debating, and learning from the men and women in this group who truly care about human rights, and aren’t just angry and hateful or just out to insult me. I really have had some of the most pleasant and eye opening talks on this sub. I’m new to MGTOW. I only just this week heard that term for the first time. I’ve been researching it, and from everything I’ve read online, from Wikipedia, to MGTOW forums and websites, it honestly seems pretty harsh and extreme. There’s a lot of unwarranted hatred. But 90% of the MGTOW men I’ve spoken with this week don’t seem like that at all. Don’t get me wrong, some of them have . I was called a histrionic dog/bitch/slut just today, and I’m not sure what I said to upset that man so much. But he called me a “good dog!!” and said I amused him after calling me a bitch and all that other stuff. But for the most part, the men I’ve spoken with aren’t really matching what I read online. Most have been far more intelligent than that guy. So, I guess I’m still learning about MGTOW. I don’t know what to think at this point. Is what Wikipedia and what that asshole says representative of MGTOW, or are those false representations? I don’t know yet. I’m keeping an open mind. Sorry for the super long response. You just gave me a lot to consider and think about. You’re obviously a man who thinks for himself, but is also open-minded. That’s a sign of true intelligence.

  6. Thank you very much for your kind words. You truly flatter me. Also I believe you too are very much deserving of all the compliments you showered upon me. It takes incredible levels of maturity, open-mindedness and intelligence to come over to this sub, one which most feminists, I presume, would very much regard as enemy territory, and involve in discussions and debates, that too, in a highly civilized manner. Just the fact that you are willing to hear different opinions from the ones within the feminist echo chambers is highly commendable.

  7. Where are you getting your information? Also, child endangerment charges wouldn’t just be dropped by her walking back on anything.

  8. I asked because from the comments, it sounds like more information has come out. I commented on child endangerment charges because listed in his charges are child endangerment and battery. Same as you, I’m not a legal expert but I am curious if more Information has come out on this. At one point I saw a statement from his daughter but that’s been it.

  9. Bullshit but it doesn't matter, you've admitted to believing in gender in your other reply and that was my point all along.

  10. Everyone believes in gender lol. It is just the definition of it that has people busy in debates. How did that go over your head?

  11. For a country that still believes rape and even domestic violence is a gendered crime, something that men alone can be perpetrators of and women alone can be victims of, despite statistics and even

  12. I don't even think this post is gonna garner any upvotes here. Just that men in India are asked to do far more than they can since forever.

  13. Of course mate. Most Indian men are, unfortunately, completely uneducated on the mammoth disparities present between men and women under the law. A significant percentage of men also happen to be simps, i.e., even if educated, they wouldn't really give much importance to it. That is until they themselves become victims of the injustices of the law. But by then it would have been too little, too late.

  14. Simply what happens when a person with absolute zero critical thinking ability thinks critically.

  15. The argument I am making is that the reason that women get paid less on average is because they make choices that lead to them earning less money, in the same way the reason men are a victim of violent crime more often is because they make choices that would put them in more danger. Meaning it is hypocritical to claim one of these things is a myth but the other is a big problem.

  16. Well a similar argument would be that women get raped more on average because they make choices that lead to them being targeted more, i.e., by wearing highly provocative, revealing clothing. Another one would be to advise a woman who is a victim of DV at the hands of her husband to not put herself in situations where she could earn the wrath of her husband, i.e., to not nag him, to not provoke him, to not argue with him and to make him a sandwich everytime he comes home. Does either of these sound reasonable to you??

  17. I'm not following you on this one lol. If it is unidirectional it can't be reciprocal. if it was 70% unidirectional how can 50% be reciprocal? I am just about to go to bed though so forgive me my brain is mush lol.

  18. I often advocate for men's rights, but I don't think this is that

  19. Well, "clearly mentally unwell" people should be put in mental asylums. He/The Wallmart employees should have called the police.

  20. I guess his comment can be taken as sarcastic despite no [/s] at the end, or alternatively it could be seen as a gender-swapping experiment, which managed to make its point.

  21. An interesting conundrum for sure. The question I would like to ask is whether or not that boy must be completely let off the hook? Considering he had a traumatic past at the hands of a woman? I would say no. He is responsible for abusing women and therfore must bare the consequences of it. Similarly if it can be proven that the woman did in fact abuse him as a child then she too must be punished under the provisions against child abuse.

  22. The original video was about a guy admitting to a girl he only wanted to have sex with her, then I scrolled down to find this comment. Obviously if there's one terrible man everyone is just like him so we all need to regulate our emotions, acknowledge our (non-existent) male privilege and just treat women like the goddesses they are because otherwise we're delusional unlike them 🙄

  23. Terrible man? Yeah, back in the 1800s. Now? He is a decent enough guy because he was honest to her about what he wanted. Which world is she living in, huh? Has she heard of FWB and strictly sexual relationships? A world that feminists themselves created lol. Go bitch about it to those same feminists, not men.

  24. Believe no man or woman unless evidence is forthcoming. The only exceptions might be your family, friends and loved ones in which case you have an obligation to trust them. But, if the evidence is the other way inclined, then you go where the evidence takes you.

  25. As for “no reproductive rights” they mean they can’t force a woman to abort or to carry their child. They’re bitter that ejaculating into a woman doesn’t give them the right to make decisions about her body against her will. So they’re happy the government is stepping in to do so on their behalf. And they somehow think it’s the same thing to not get to decide what happens to your own body vs not getting to decide what happens to a body that your sperm impregnated. Samesies apparently.

  26. Yeah, I can see the reason why you are here. You had a deadbeat dad. I feel for you and apologize on behalf of all men for that pathetic loser. Through your last sentence, I feel like you are generalizing your dad's actions as men's actions all around the world. Your dad isn't representative of all men.

  27. I don’t believe for a fucking second that this mouthbreather gives one goddamn about male rape victims.

  28. Fine. You are entitled to your beliefs. He doesn't have to prove anything to you.

  29. This Dailydot bitch thinks that these men don't have a sense of humor. Sweety, if approximately 50% of the population "didn't get the joke" then the joke is shit. It is basic common sense but she won't be able to use it until she puts her misandry to the side.

  30. Dude, you're only sixteen and you're freaking out because you think men are oppressed. If this movement was more focused on men's rights issues instead of Boogeymanning feminism we could probably actually make progress on men's rights issues--but most guys here are only interested in manufacturing outrage and attacking feminism. Actual men's rights issues aren't that sensational and feminists can mostly agree with them.

  31. And this right here, brothers, is Agent Smith, a sentient program from the Matrix.

  32. You guys love to ignore that women don’t only exist in developed countries. Also, India has tons of inequalities between men and women, saying otherwise is just ignorant. In many countries, women barely have any rights, and feminists are still trying to help women in those countries. Their job is not done. Not to mention legal rights aren’t the only thing to focus on, there is still misogyny that has to be taken care of. It still reeks of misogyny in the developed world, even more so in less developed countries.

  33. Which comment are you replying to? Because I never said women don't exist in developed countries. As a matter of fact, I don't think I have said such a stupid thing in my entire life! Yes, India has tons of inequalities between women and men exactly because of the extremely biased, sexist, misandric legal system we have here. We are in 2022 and India still believes men cannot be victims of rape. Also, becuase of the fact that India follows the Duluth model (which was created by Ellen Pence, a feminist) for domestic violence, men don't have any provisions for DV despite research having proven that women are an overwhelming 70% perpetrators of unreciprocated IPV. Even Indian high court justices have lamented this fact:

  34. Least developed countries are 14% of the humans population, and have tons of misogyny and sexist laws in place. And yes, India has lots of misandry, at its root it is patriarchal and has tons of misogyny. Feminists and mens rights activists need to work together, that is true, but this sub just wants to demonize all feminists, it isn’t us versus them.

  35. Well what else did you expect coming here? If you go to any feminist sub, there they are all busy bashing every single element of the manosphere. The most toxic of them are even ridiculing all men from all of history. You know what, let's just finish this here. You and I have vastly different opinions and I feel like our conversations aren't gonna have any fruitful result.

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