1. I saw them so many times with my sister. Consistently always good. Always really nice too.

  2. Report her to Patreon. Removing content, and suddenly upping your price, goes against guidelines. Gwen is a damn adult, she doesn’t need to be coddled just because her upbringing was different.

  3. I would love to be able to block some stores. Just because I liked a bra, does not mean I suddenly need to be inundated with porn. At least allow me to have an option to not show it to me again. Also, taxidermied dog heads…that will never leave my soul.

  4. Read the book Demonic Males. Chimps go to war, rape, commit infanticide, cannibalism, and chimps raised like this, have in fact quite literally eaten the face off of a person. It isn’t an exaggeration.

  5. What a sweet little empath that dear little soul is. I hope that kind and gentle heart of hers, finds an outlet to do great things in the future.

  6. I LOVE old dog face! It looks like extra sugar has been sprinkled on their already sweet faces. Fergus is awfully cute! Have to ask though, how resistant are those balls? My boy Charlie has ANNIHILATED most toys, but he loves getting new ones, we just worry about him ingesting weird crap. Are they pretty durable?

  7. Have you tried Himalayan yak chews for Charlie? These and antlers are what I went to once I learned about rawhide issues.

  8. shudder I had such a bad experience with rawhide. My boy Georgie swallowed a whole one. He was choking, but REFUSED to open his mouth. I was sobbing and said to him “Please, Mommy needs to save you, YOU’RE GOING TO DIE.” He actually opened his mouth, and I was able to reach pretty far into his throat, and managed to pull it out. As soon as it was out, he was gasping air in. I still count my lucky stars on that one.

  9. Pure sex appeal. Honestly, I’m still fucking bummed Hannibal was cancelled. The whole cast and Bryan Fuller have said they would come back to finish it. God I wish Amazon or Hulu would take them up on it. Mads truly does have bone structure that only the Gods could gift.

  10. I thought it was okay, considering everyone is posting spoilers constantly, and it’s been almost 2 months at this point….

  11. Just sent you 4 bags, Theo!! Nom nom nom.

  12. Sweet baby 💜 I wish I could cheer him up. All I can say is tell him this random person loves him, and is sending lots of love that he not only completely heals, but finds the bestest home. You should share him in Pitbulls and and Velvet Hippos. We’d love to to have him over there!

  13. It depends on if he is heavily medicated or not. If not, I assume it would be like a glorified preschool, where a raging Chrissy Chan, will start throwing fists because he doesn’t want to share. If internet is available in any way, shape, or form, he will do anything to obtain it - including exchanging sex for access. I also think Chris will probably try to do things to the other residents, which will not only lead to fights, but an eventual expulsion.

  14. He eventually got over his loathing of booze and became a fan of the stuff.

  15. Emotional incest is basically where the parent treats the child as a replacement spouse. The kid not only has to take on all the responsibilities, but also gets hit with all of the anger the parent still feels for the actual spouse. The child is forced to be a confidant, listen to every problem, etc., and if they don’t, there are always threats. You are suddenly forced to be an adult, and you get hit with so much rage if things don’t go right…I actually think it explains Leon’s reaction regarding the Vegas house.

  16. Doesn’t that go along with Janelle and Christine saying they never knew which Meri they were getting-nice or not nice?

  17. Yes, it does. You really don’t ever know which side you’re getting, as they can flip so quickly.

  18. It’s like comparing potatoes to potatoes, it’s all fucking horrible. Hitting Snyder could have killed him, but as someone who worked with Planned Parenthood for several years, elderly rape victims have a surprisingly high mortality rate. Everything from tearing and infections, to crushing her frail body, he could have killed her n a myriad of ways. I also don’t think he would have cared if “Barbie Chan” had died, because he would just continue to rape the corpse.

  19. Chris looks remarkably like John Wayne Gacy when he was dressed as alter ego, the clown Pogo. To be honest, this is quite good. You should consider doing other lolcows as serial killers. Not necessarily intentionally making them look like said killers, but each of them has a moment where you think “Yeah, I could see him doing that.”

  20. Am I looking at a cross between John Wayne Gacy and Buffalo Bill? Yikes 😆

  21. Every time a pittie does this, I hear Winnie the Pooh singing “I’m just a little insert color of dog here hovering over my happy tree. I legit believe they believe, like Winnie the Pooh, that they are just dainty little things, just doing all they can for a snuggle. Your baby Mac is absolutely precious, and this picture is darling 🤍 I’m so glad you have each other!

  22. Testosterone/HRT causes ravenous hunger and weight gain. Due to restrictions after surgery, they probably put on weight. It really shouldn’t be the focus, but it is common cause. It has happened with all of my loved ones who have gone onto T. They usually find a diet and workout that suits them, after affirmation surgery. This is mainly due to the significant physical pain, but also just finally getting to enjoy the pure happiness and freedom of being in the body they were always meant to be in.

  23. Watching that TikTok, the only thing I can think of is when Meri chastised another child for wearing a "revealing top" and she said "I love you, but I don't want to see that much of you". I just can't help but wonder what her reaction was.

  24. Meri made a lovely post about Leon, and this was months ago, right after the surgery. They spoke of how proud they are of them, and how much they love Leon.

  25. You’re not wrong. Geno is kind of a glorified copy machine that can collate. He leaves pieces out in order to appease Chris, and it seems like he was talking to Bella, and agreed to give her anonymity (he was being interviewed after Chris was arrested where he was being questioned about it).

  26. The Geno doc is a different experience than reading the CWCki.

  27. It is. It can be quite entertaining, and I’m not devaluing it. I kind of would just like Geno to acknowledge that his info isn’t his own (and just put up a citation link), and that he does cater to Chris a bit. I say this mainly so people can seek out the whole story if they so choose, otherwise you are sometimes left with half truths.

  28. My guess is that in order for Barb to stay in her home, APS required it to be cleaned, and most importantly, to have access in case of an emergency. Barb had actually been trying to clear the hoard for awhile, but Chris refused.

  29. She was the starter of the hoard, but over the last couple of years she had been trying to get Chris to help her move stuff out. He refused, and threw a tantrum.

  30. Honestly, I think Meri FLAT OUT should have been seeing a separate psychologist. She needed someone experienced with these kinds of issues - not just marriages, but dealing with religions like the AUB. The therapist 100% screwed up. Meri has needed someone to help her not only see through the indoctrination, but to help build her self esteem. Being a woman who could only have one child, you are seen as defective, and this couldn’t have helped her any. She needed a professional to help her accept her faults and work towards reconciliation and forgiveness, along with rebuilding her sense of self worth.

  31. My husband said in his sleep to me “Is it safe for the pelican?” And I said “What do you mean?” Husband “Is it safe for it to land?” I said “Yes, it’s safe sweetie. What is the pelican doing though?” He said “It’s bringing us our baby. It needs somewhere safe to land so it can bring us our baby.” My heart absolutely melted. I know he got pelican and stork mixed up, but it just showed what a pure heart he has. He does stuff like this a lot, and it genuinely makes my heart burst with love for him.

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