1. I think he's fucked other girls in the past? Not sure about this.

  2. Quite a pleasant read actually. It's got some nice SOL sequences and a funny vibe.

  3. You sir am the john wick of ntr pornhwa. How do I learn of your taste and power?

  4. you'll find all this info in the mangaupdates, anime-planet.

  5. see 'mandatory stickied post' in the automod comment.

  6. Great time to be posting 'revived' series XD.


  8. Pretty interesting that the words 'main heroine' is used. Could they be indirectly implying that Ajumma Hye-sun will the the final and main girl after all?

  9. different stories for different people. just drop it if you don't like it. You don't need to read it and suffer.

  10. Let's hang out from today/ Friends to lovers from today

  11. It was pretty interesting to learn what the author was undergoing while working on this series for Toomics. Mad respect to the creator for refusing to 'milk it' and prolong the whole drama and tire out the sex scenes.

  12. No. My distaste with Between Us comes from the fact that it shoved all interesting stories with the ex gf and the other girl to the sideline cuz Toptoon stories cannot be allowed to have "IQ story telling".

  13. Sure liked this one. It was a harem wild card series.

  14. Don’t ban the brats op, i remember wanting more rape porn at the age of 12, nothing stopped me I learned a lot about rape at that age and grew hella interested with it

  15. the awards polls closed today right? when we see results? xP

  16. Check the automod comment hyperlink 'commonly asked sauce pics here'

  17. no, redirect them to the sauce library in the automod comment. don't give them sauce. they should learn to find it from the automod comment.

  18. fanart from the artist of 'fitness' on his SM.

  19. You're trying to filter out all comments on a post based on the post author? Or just comments from the author?

  20. Filter out all comments from author. But allow the posts through.

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