1. Just started a double grape by them. I’ll let you know how it goes

  2. Just like everyone who’s speaks out against him

  3. The number one rule of life is to never talk to the police. Simply don’t do anything. If you get charged with anything, contact an attorney.

  4. Man! Thought you were clever again! Log off and just end it already

  5. As someone who works in the criminal system everyday, it’s not accurate that there’s no justice being served to repeat offenders. Just because someone is released pretrial (a constitutional right) doesn’t mean there isn’t a case pending against them and doesn’t mean there won’t be punishment after adjudication. I find it highly unlikely your friend actually has been charged 4 times recently and nothing has stuck. If anything, this current DA admin is draconian on crime.

  6. Ahhhh you worked in the criminal justice system so you just lick the boots on here😂

  7. Just download the new all in one no disc needed patch

  8. I downloaded it, but it doesn’t have BFME2. Where do I get that game?

  9. All the links are in the about section of this group

  10. Sme thing just happened to me with this Motor breath shit

  11. I'm emailing them now. I want a refund 😈. They should take this shit off the shelfs. I literally gagged from the taste!

  12. I emailed them and they pretty much told me I was lying in a nice was and that there is nothing wrong with their flower

  13. This happened to me every time when I tried on Mac I gave in and grabbed an old hp from my moms and it works like a charm. It’s something with 🍏

  14. Hey it's my pleasure! I got the game working just a couple of days ago myself, after remembering how cool it was more than a decade ago lol.

  15. Man it took me like a week to figure out now I can relive my childhood! haha

  16. You won’t grow anything smokeable with those lights

  17. Josh d is garbage just got some that smelled like mildew and tasted like shit. Wasn’t cured right

  18. thanks, i did all that and downloaded the patches, it starts now and shows the bfme loading screen but then the game always stops responding, is there anything else i can do?

  19. Literally this happened to me for days and I just gave up. It would bring up the loading screen then crash…. So frustrating

  20. i just had the loading screen opened in the background (assuming it would crash again) and after like 2 minutes the game started and now it kinda works.. it still crashes everytime i try to create a hero tho

  21. Did you do anything different to get it to work or just kept trying?

  22. Hey guys I was having an issue where my computer would change the from an ini to something else. I can’t get around it and it won’t let me just transfer the whole file into a folder

  23. Put something under the pot in between to raise it so it’s not just soaking in runoff

  24. Nice! Been breeding tons of ice eggs still haven’t found a good mutation color.

  25. Same series x and I’ve been getting dashboarded for the last few months often

  26. I tried to download this shit for 2 hours last night to no avail

  27. Reef supplies is trying to up charge 70$ for one. In tank aquatics is out of stock

  28. He looks uncomfortable to me and I'm sure I know OP knows their own cat

  29. Yeah he plugged your ass because you got fucked

  30. I believe they are waving their hands in the air like they just dont care

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