1. Romney is a corporate raider. His Bain capitol is nothing more than a straight criminal enterprise. His great achievement was creating swaps, CDOs and other toxic financial products. These products were offloaded to pensions and other main street investments.

  2. Adrenaline - instinct only/can't feel the difference in weight or kick, lack of training - instinct to grab gun >taser, and only having to pass an asvab like level test. There isn't much difference between them and a middleschool gym teacher

  3. Middle school gym teachers tend not to kill innocent people, beat their kids and spouses, or kill people's pets.

  4. Shooting in an open field is always the quietest. Nothing for the sound to reflect back against.

  5. It’s crazy how much the festival has changed musically in the past 10 years. They’re like two completely different planets.

  6. The trailer they played for Random Access Memories at all of the stages before the 8 o clock sets was such a tease.

  7. Over 600,000 Americans lost their lives during Lincoln's presidency. Moreover, an estimated 4 million slaves were freed as a result of the war.

  8. "Been around the world, and found that only stupid people are breeding" Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta

  9. Have you figured out what you were doing wrong yet? While you were not a fault of the collision, you definitely fell for a classic blunder.

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