A young Iranian woman without a headscarf is pictured standing on a wheelie bin in Tehran tonight amid near total shutdown of internet connections by the state to crack down on nationwide protests over the death of #MahsaAmini in morality police custody

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  1. As an American I might not be able to name a country but I can name all my kissin' cousins.

  2. Who has a "single wipe shit?!?" Someone ain't cleaning their hiney properly...

  3. As a depressed human, they can have my life if they want it.

  4. Sounds plausible. Now, how bout some clinical data speaking to their efficacy?

  5. Responding from an alternate account because Reddit can't seem to figure out blocking one account from talking to you shouldn't prevent you from conversing in the same thread with others.

  6. You've misinterpreted. The issue is it appears the government (or ISP heads faithful to or afraid of said government) are limiting internet access. The person you are responding to was hoping the Anonymous collective would be able to overcome that.

  7. Is it really their choice? Like really really truly their own choice without being influenced by anything? Because I'm sure they are being told from young age that they should wear it to protect themselves from men, to protect their beauty for their husbands and stuff like that. I'm formerly religious and I oppose head coverings, they are oppressive.

  8. Responding under another account because Reddit keeps blocking me for blocking assholes.

  9. 9/11 is indeed a day in the calendar last time i checked, but who knows, maybe someone changed something when i wasn’t looking

  10. Yeah, but November 9 is still a couple months away - what're you all on about?

  11. You don't "think," you mere make as hominem attacks in hopes that will intimidate others into backing down. You're obviously a Trumper, and are one of the arrogant fools who are obviously compensating for "something." Your kind are the primary reason Americans have such a poor reputation around the world.

  12. I removed no comment, and I can clearly see it's still there. You're the one who must constantly attempt to put down others in order to compensate for your insecurities, so it's pretty obvious to all who truly has the mental health issues.

  13. Everything you don't want to hear is "a lie." It's how cults always deny reality. You're a cult member. Enjoy living in denial. While you can.

  14. Whatevs. Impossible to take you seriously when you just played "I'm rubber, you're glue" - although that perfectly encapsulates the mentality of you morons.

  15. You must not be as bad a person as you think if you've gone through all that hassle for their sake. Maybe you can be a better example for your brother than you think?

  16. Don't use dating apps since I've been married since well before they were a thing, but if you can set up a profile with his number on the Grindr app he'll probably get some unwanted gay attention. And/or any other gay-focused site.

  17. Call me sexist, but I can't help but wonder how much the fact they're guys & she's probably one of their prettier faces they've had to deal with played into how they dealt with her.

  18. Texas has some of the least amount of gays in any state, so how does that make any sense?

  19. Least amount willing to admit they're gay - and in that environment, who can blame them. I don't know what your source for your claim is, but I doubt it's reliable. I'd be willing to lay heavy odds that the gay population there is not significantly different than the rest of the country - they just have to hide it more often there.

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