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  1. Haha I'll be posting files soon. Just gotta make some changes since this print chews up through more than 100gms of filament. I'll dm you once it's done:)

  2. Would also love a copy for our forest cat.

  3. Nico ist aus der Partei ausgetreten. Ist aber glaube ich immer noch im Parlament

  4. My daughter left her phone on the train and got called by SBB :)

  5. how would u react if your most loved artwork is burned ? your most loved memory? your notes/messages from where you seek refuge? how would you feel if the only 1 boom which hold all the answered for your all questions is burned?

  6. There's a significant difference between burning a copy of say the Mona Lisa (of which there are millions) or the Original.

  7. Do you mean that you're testing them without sending the command to turn on the pixels? Not familiar with these but I'm pretty sure you need to do that on all addressable LEDs.

  8. Thanks for your valuable reply.

  9. Us Germans thrive on efficency.

  10. If you look closely, you might notice a slight spike on the 13th. Which was also a Friday.

  11. It's not like young people have never heard of VPNs.

  12. Nutri score calculates a score based on nutritional information. There is now a big market for ingredients that improve nutri score. E.g. adding fibre. In this product i could be the vollkorn.

  13. Isn’t the score based on the complete meal, in this case with lots of milk?

  14. No the score is based on the nutritional label, which is as sold. How would you calculate the score when you don't know how much milk is added?

  15. If they are the same, why do they both exist?

  16. The more important question is - what does investor relations report on? Book only or both? They said class A common stock which is “book”, but then why when mods reach out to confirm they don’t give a direct answer?

  17. I sent that as a question to gme's investor relations, but as always they do not reply.

  18. Only 2 edits have been made. Disappointing.

  19. I’d also like to see a calendar highlighting the days where I hear cars that make more noise than necessary.

  20. Klapp' die Antworten auf diesen Kommentar auf, um zur Quelle des tja zu kommen.


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