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  1. Habe schon die Aussage gehört, dass Schulterblick ja nach der Fahrschule eh keiner mehr macht. Von dieser Verantwortungslosigkeit bin ich einfach nur verstört.

  2. Eine damalige Mitschülerin beschwerte sich über die Fahrschule mit der Begründung: "Da muss man noch so unnötige Dinge machen wie Schulterblick!" Ich war sehr froh als alle, die bereits ihren Schein hatten sie lautstark zurecht wiesen. Umso enttäuschter allerdings als sie antwortete, dass sie nach der Fahrschule trotzdem keinen mehr machen wird...

  3. Das sind Probleme die sich früher oder später selbst lösen.

  4. Fragt sich nur wie viele Radfahrer vorher leiden müssen.

  5. Doesn't Dumbledore say something about Voldemort being defeated and Harry being safe during the welcome speech on your first year? I didn't read that well because I kinda sped through it but I thought that was the case.

  6. Our first year at Hogwarts is 84/85. Since Harry is born in 1980, he would be 4. His parents died in 1981 btw. Why Dumbledore mentions it I don't know but it probably comes down to fan service.

  7. This is a repost and very likely a bot. I saw this post with the exact same title some days ago.

  8. Sounds boring to be perfectly honest. But you could also just start the game in debug mode and add and remove traits I guess.

  9. The point is that you have more of a choice. If you decide a kid's lifestyle, then after he turns 16 he/she might have traits that don't correspond with the lifestyle. If you are pensive, stewardship and learning, but all you get are choices between perks not related to either, then you become something not designed by the childhood trait.

  10. I found a mod called "Improved personality formation system" which promises to increase the chance of children getting traits similar to those of their parents, guardian, friends and siblings. Maybe that's something similar to what you are looking for.

  11. Ist ja voll mies. Im Internet stand, dass es in NRW nur 30 kosten soll. Das ist ja echt kacke.

  12. Beim Amtsgericht in meiner Stadt (ebenfalls NRW) sind es "nur" 30€

  13. I think this was normal in the early medieval times

  14. It reminds me of the story of King David, Bathsheba and Uriah the Hittite. In short David fell in love with Bathsheba who was married to Uriah. David slept with and impregnated her. To get rid of Uriah he ordered his military officer to place Uriah in the front line of his army. Once battle commenced the rest of the army fell back leaving Uriah exposed and getting him killed. David then married Bathsheba.

  15. You should be able to force him to be a knight. Start a war, put him in an army on his own. Chances are he will get killed.

  16. Another way to get rid of unwanted vassals, heirs, etc. is to send them into a battle alone so they get killed.

  17. Yes, doy you want alliances? better get ready to die of stresss

  18. And you don't lose stress from feasts, which are arguably the best way to loose stress together with hunts.

  19. some traits are just so restrictive that even when trying to rp they're never worth having (paranoid, greedy, shy)

  20. To add to this. When you educate a child there is an event which gives you the choice between paranoid, shy and craven. Might actually be lazy instead of shy but still all of these traits are garbage!

  21. Is it weird that I've kept every kitty whisker I've ever found? I have two cats and I find the shed whiskers so rarely that I feel the need to hoard them.

  22. I have never found a shed whisker and I have my boy for 13 years now :o

  23. At least you can get an achievement for that. If you don't have it already that is.

  24. A Crusade has been declared against you

  25. Which religion is great purification?

  26. Exactly. Idk why so many picked blinking. That will take way too long and will fuck your eyes pretty quickly. Try it, 20 times already begins to be uncomfortable

  27. According to a quick google search we blink on average 14.400-19.200 times a day. That's quite a lot of money for something we humans do passively and effortlessly.

  28. At least wait more than one day before you repost

  29. There’s a lot of mass buttons they need, mass force vote, mass demand payment, mass convert (if they’ll accept so you don’t have 1096 people asking for stuff to convert)

  30. There is a mod called "mass demand conversion" but of course it disables achievements. Adding it to base game would be a huge quality of life improvement.

  31. But very superficially, it basically just adds a bonus to fucking them over as you would before

  32. I disagree. In my current save I had a house feud with Haesteinns house and after I murdered one of his sons, they took revenge by murdering one of my daughters. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that happens too often without the dlc. At least it never happened to me before. Sure I had my heir murdered once or twice but never a daughter that wasn't in the line of succession.

  33. Wasn't it something like they t-bagged their OWN teammate as a joke then someone said they were traumatized?

  34. I think what you are referring to is when a player t-bagged their own teammate in a live apex legends tournament and the entire team got banned by the admin/commentator. I think the admin was under the assumption the player t-bagged an opponent and didn't want to admit he was wrong and used this opportunity to make a statement about how toxic t-bagging supposedly is.

  35. Holy shit. Getting bagged is a key experience of online gaming.

  36. If I don't get t-bagged, called a pussy, a loser and a bitch within the first hour of playing an online game I feel ripped off

  37. He was actually letting you take the one in the middle.

  38. I don't want to be that guy, but I'd still like to point out that this isn't OPs video and it has probably been reposted here dozens of times. BUT I don't mind at all because there are people who haven't seen it and it's so damn cute, I watch it at least twice every time I see it :)

  39. Bei meinem Ausbildungsbetrieb war es tatsächlich auch eine Sabine haha

  40. It indeed reads like a copypasta lol

  41. My favorite part abouth this is how on several occasions they decided to enter my house through one of the new windows instead of the front door. Thing is, the window in question is right next to the front door which made it even more hilarious.

  42. Although I am not 100% sure they would allow it (I will assume not), I think

  43. Just tell them it's a bilingual cat

  44. Yeah, one time I clutched a game as Twitch and my teammates start yelling at me because I was using a smoke grenade instead of a claymore. I admit it was a bit weird but it wasn't a good reason to act so toxic!

  45. I once clutched a 1v3 on Chalet as Bandit. Enemy team called me a noob for using red dot sight because apparently you are legally required to use iron sights.

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