1. I really don't understand why some schools add extra anxiety to us. I'm international medical student on US MD program and my school also grades us during dedicated study time, they called it "summation" module...

  2. congrats on getting done with it! Which divine episodes do you think are the most important?

  3. haha agree... I would have constant anxiety if I was on this little boat

  4. I hate the fact that they make us work for free.. .

  5. haha wow, never seen anything like this before

  6. If you're confident with Uworld knowledge, which seems like you are, go for Amboss.

  7. I think they'll become strand-reyes

  8. You can't get B1/B2 for residency. Also, did you get the sponsorship from residency program prior to applying for J1 or did you just apply without any sponsorship?

  9. did you try Lecturio concept pages?

  10. Have you tried meditating? Meditation and Yoga helped me out a lot during the past week. Also if you feel like you can't even think at this point, understand that you're extremely close to getting done with the exam! So push to the max and take a break on the day before exam.

  11. I don't eat anything until 1200, and I drink black coffee all morning. My medical annual came back with nothing wrong.

  12. do you drink coffee before workout?

  13. yeah you can do it, I just tried to avoid increasing the font cause I felt like it was taking me longer to answer questions this way.

  14. The Match Guy has more or less affordable options for rotation. I think their 4-week peds rotation was for 1200 bucks.

  15. didn't know people sold alcoholic teas!

  16. haha next level of branding from apple

  17. Yeah you have whole 6 weeks, I'm pretty sure your score will keep going high as long as you stay persistent.

  18. didn't know the ticket was coming in such huge box haha

  19. Lecturio concept pages were pretty good along with FA and Uworld so definitely try it out. BnB is also good.

  20. never heard of it but will definitely check it out!

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