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  1. I think it’s purely the animation. I always got a kids show vibe from rebels. Something else that might contribute is that a lot of people that are on this subreddit likely also grew up during the prequel trilogy, so TCW and anything associated with it inherently hold more value

  2. It felt like the animation was also a slow downgrade from clone wars. It just didn't seem to flow super well. And when you go from clone wars fights to... That... It's like...what happened? The scale and stakes just seem more pulled back to. Might be an issue of the characters focused on. And then they came out with resistance. It seems like it was getting progressively more Saturday morning cartoons kids focused.

  3. It’s been like this since we moved in. Our friend who is HVAC did look at it and did mention something about the ducts. We definitely keep up with our filters.

  4. How much is your energy bill per month, considering it was supposed to be energy efficient via insulation, double paned windows, and some more energy efficient appliances for new houses? (February, June, and October, if you can remember or estimate?). And was there a difference between what they said the estimated energy cost was (if they have that) and what it was? Also, I'm kind of surprised you didn't have 2 ac units due to having 2 floors. Sounds like that would always make it work overtime and never be good enough (mostly based of thermostat sensor placement.) Also curious how the energy efficiency is in one story places by comparison. Anything particular about how the insulation is bad? I thought that was a big selling point for new houses.

  5. During the summer, our electricity bill is anywhere from $ 250-$400 depending. Not only do we have to constantly run the AC, we also have to keep our ceiling fans running so the cool air can circulate.

  6. That is so weird. I can't believe there is that much of a difference in build quality. I was previously looking at a lennar home community in the area that all had solar panels, but they had sold out. Currently in a Dr Horton home, same climate, built a few years ago, 2k sqft. This insulation is tight. I never feel the outside temperature, even next to windows. And the total bill (including water/electricity/city transportation fees/garbage) is 120-190. But it's a one story and has gas, but the gas is only used a few months in the winter for heating, as well as water heating and stove, so that's only about $40-$100 for gas.

  7. yes, you are not allowed to break expensive stuff and pay a fraction of what it costs.

  8. /shrug. It just feels like a situation where everyone is on a packed shaky bus with no seats. You bump into someone by accident when there is a sudden jarring stop. You say you are sorry. Help them pick up anything that might have fallen, and that's that. But at the next stop in comes this guy with a medical condition where if he is slightly touched, he explodes causing catastrophic damage in a 10ft radius. There is another sudden stop and you slightly tap him and he explodes, destroying the bus. Then the blame is put on you for accidentally tapping the guy with a condition where he explodes that went onto a packed shaky bus, and you have to pay for the damages.

  9. that would imply there is an outside force forcing you to touch him. this lady just took this corner wrong. also imagine you save up for years to buy a 130k lamborghini, a woman crashes into you and her insurance pays out 30k, enough for a nissan altima and tells you to have a nice day. would you be content with losing 100,000 dollars?

  10. People shouldn't be driving cars worth over 5x-10x the average car resale value. Almost nobody's insurance accounts for it. So people will always be screwed on both sides. You think the average person can just pay out the remainder of that 100k after their insurance caps? It was the whole point of their insurance, but it basically did nothing because this car was absurdly beyond the norm cost wise.

  11. How much does it cost in comparison to a normal semi of that size and how much would it cost to replace the batteries?

  12. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they were hacked. (Well if he didn't respond a bunch with an actual conversation that seemed normal) Looks like a straight up phish scam, maybe a light one just to promote something. Might want to scan that site with or virus total or something

  13. I lived in a nicer part of Houston, Montrose area, and had a dedicated parking area with lights and cameras. My car got broken into very often. I'm not sure I'd say once a week, but it had to be close.

  14. I know some people in Houston in some of the better areas, I guess. They have gated communities with security guards for their townhomes. It costs everyone like $5k a year in hoa or something like that, but they say it's pretty necessary. That houses in the neighborhood around them get hit, but they don't. Gotta have a gated community with a security guard check in station apparently to be safe in Houston from crime.

  15. This is bullshit, i live in a non-gated community in Houston and its fine. Have you people never been to a city? Wtf is even happening in this thread.

  16. Of course it's fine. I'm just saying that they said there was no crime in the gated communities with security guards, and they hear of enough cases to feel that it is worth it to pay that much for the extra security. Obviously, not everyone is some victim of a robbery/breakin in Houston.

  17. Can we stop calling Them "Cyberpunks" ? it sounds way cool for a bunch of self hating morons.

  18. East Austin and Pflugerville main roads need lights. It's crazy that such populated areas have no lights on the roads. Especially if it rains, and the only light is from another car from the opposite side of the road. There are thousands of houses in these areas. The cost couldn't be much and would probably be very little in the way of maintenance once built.

  19. Yeah, we definANTly need more Monster EVO stories. They are always pretty fun and in the thick of it when it comes to action and innovation. Always seems pretty tough to write though when the character may not be able to communicate effectively with anyone else.

  20. I oppose this but don't have a direct planned alternative and just want to spend time researching isn't really a good position (or way to display different candidates positions). People have been doing ongoing research. Displaying something to the degree of more research is my only plan just makes it seem like they don't plan on doing anything to actually help in a similar considerable way, just that they oppose a thing from being done. Makes it sound like they'd just kick a decision down to the next mayor, like the decades of train proposals (and not even one per term).

  21. For those not interested in it becoming an investment investment, the main considerations:

  22. Answer: China's goal for handling the pandemic was to use contact tracing and quarantining to prevent the spread of covid in the first place. Their goal is to stamp out the virus in China entirely.

  23. So what would they do with people that just didn't carry around phones and thus didn't have the app? Or even just have airplane mode or data turned off. Would they go as far as to look at random cameras around the sick person's supposed path to find others? It sounds like an enforced lockdown only would happen if they could serve the notice (and thus people without the notice wouldn't get in trouble).

  24. I think the reason why that is the case is due to how in the past, every time a democrat does something bad scandal wise and they own up to it and resign or something, democrats take a hit. They aren't really rewarded for doing the right or honorable thing. Meanwhile, everytime a republican does something 2-5x worse (pedophilia vs cheating on a spouse), they try to maintain power and people still vote for them. For some stupid reason, every attempt at accountability only lost them power and didn't win over Republican voters to their side as being more moral or ethical. Democrats get punished for not playing dirty, but are held to a higher standard, so they get punished if they do play dirty. A republican candidate could shoot someone's kids, and they'd still vote for them.

  25. Why is there this idea that only Republicans are rich? Come to where I live…100% democratic area and full of people who work for Black Rock, pharma execs, Wall Street directors, oil company execs (who fake it by driving electric cars) etc.

  26. Both are rich. Republicans are just more outwardly anti worker, worker blamers, and somehow filled with bootlicking sycophants for the rich, think that 80 hour workweeks are cool and that other people are just weak/complaining, believing in the cult of trickle down economics, and that everyone, but especially themselves, will be multimillionaire soon so don't tax the rich so hard! - that's what they are about to be!

  27. that's pretty tame compared to things I've seen like Cumbender

  28. "what's the problem, blizz?! The name refers to the action of bending the cumberbund around the waist for formalwear. It's supposed to be classy!"

  29. I'm just like...why is it so restricted in wow? Where are all of the warlocks that use guns as their method of doing damage and delivering curses?

  30. "I target your graveyard. It took more damage than it has toughness. Your graveyard is exiled now."

  31. And one of them has the Penguin's hand from batman.

  32. Why would a middle schooler care about a car that they will never own, when they haven't ever even driven themselves or own a car?

  33. Why are so many Russian schemes so obvious and debunkable? Are they even trying? Is everyone in Russia falling for all of this stuff so they think everyone else will. So much of what they do seems to be on the level of one kid on another kid's shoulders in a trench coat trying to get into an R rated movie.

  34. Experience. Not only is long time realtor experience crucial, but so is experience in the local area and knowing first hand the trends that have occurred over time in that city. This experience also helps in knowing how the other players in the city work, who are the good banks/places to get loans, who are the better/faster title companies, knowing their way around how to determine the local property tax percentage for each house, which new construction places are good and bad in the area and how consistent over time, how long each process takes and how slow different each player is at each stage so they can guide you on timing. Experience with having seen many contracts, so that they can tell you what is and isn't normal or might need an adjustment. Experience over the years working with groups finding out what certain things will cost to repair to better determine if some places will completely wipe out savings or not to get the house up to par. Experience negotiating prices up or down and working out deals and concessions (and I'm not sure how many just wouldn't budge with the realtor just because of their age). It would also help to know that the realtor you go with has likely gone through their own home buying process. And at least one home buying process in general. Realtors are also mostly charging the same standard amounts (which is either free for the buyer, or a percentage for the seller), so it's best to go with the best you can find, and realtors are always hungry for more clients.

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