1. Ben Gelber has everyone beat with the wealth of knowledge and history he has!!

  2. I don't think the point of this event for Chicago's side was just money. Lollapalooza is a non televised event versus this will give 2-3 days of prime TV coverage to millions of viewers in one of the nicest parts of Chicago.

  3. There are good and bad to this. From what I’ve heard this will tie up and or shut down streets for 2+ weeks in the downtown area. I don’t like the idea of running a new, made up untested course, but we will see what happens. I see it being a Wreckfest coupled with a train wreck.

  4. I have mine checked, but haven’t seen messages in months. Figured it was bugged

  5. IMO Daytona RC should only be used for Sports cars ie the 12/24hour events, and not Nascar events, Unless something comes up, where a track is unavailable, or it is just an exhibition

  6. when she does actually pass on, the whole internet might die as well.... :(

  7. Yeah ok.....I've always gotten the Pre-paid parking at Crew Stadium, and have never had an issue.

  8. I was there in 2019, we got rained out, and they will be in contact with you if that should happen

  9. Yup! Full race weekend credit and at that time, I got an additional 20% on top of that as well.

  10. Also for that early, to get a good parking spot, hang out, meet people and to buy stuff XD

  11. How utterly irrelevant to the existence of Confederate memorials.

  12. Yes, hence why I said later seasons which would correlate with 9-10. Thank you for the link!

  13. NASCAR Twitter is a very scary place to be in right now.

  14. That and twitter. All the haters are coming out, but then again, they never went away.

  15. Are you sure he’s going to be a series regular? So far I’ve seen him in that one episode.

  16. Yeah....that doesn't make any sense, based on the last 10 minutes even, they should both be on a thirty minute hold on game play, if a strike occurs within 8 miles of the stadium

  17. You sound salty. Us baseball fans were fine.

  18. Yeah I think they are gonna be close, ETS will still be bigger though. But ATS is on steady pace to overtake ETS in prob 2/3 years. + better dlc quality

  19. If not next year. They could "potentially" do a double DLC next year with North and South Dakota as One DLC, and then Oklahoma.

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