1. My very first tickling session was an absolutely amazing experience that very few if any I've had since come close to measuring up to. The whole day was an emotional roller coaster ride - excitement, eager anticipation, nervousness, initial disappointment, fun, thrills, intense arousal, explosive release, and finally contentment mixed with a little melancholy that it was over.

  2. Definitely popularity and perception of it as a legitimate kinky activity.

  3. I don’t like my bellybutton tickled and could take or leave tickling anyone else’s.

  4. Seeing a character on a Nickelodeon show getting tickled on the feet and seeming to be genuinely very ticklish. It made me feel funny and very interested in doing that to someone or having it done to me.

  5. Fake or exaggerated laughter, too much screaming or shrieking and gags in the ticklees’ mouths.

  6. I’m a straight guy who loves tickling so much I don’t particularly care about the gender dynamics as long as someone truly ticklish is getting tickled! I enjoy watching F/F, M/F, F/M and M/M videos and have had tickling sessions with both women and men although I tend to be more comfortable getting tickled by women and just with tickling other guys for some reason.

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