1. Ok… so I looked into it, and this subreddit doesn’t allow me to post or add an attachment. I tried 😕

  2. Awesome!!! I got the Naomi and overall had a pretty good experience with ordering. I needed a replacement part and they took forever to ship it and sent the wrong thing. I just needed the back piece to a drawer. They sent me two whole sets of drawers… so my space got quite a bit of extra storage for their mistake. Whoops!

  3. Wow!! There’s less product in that than the Tarte travel size cream bronzer. 😱 Glad you like it but goodness I would be upset at the cost per use. lol!

  4. They don’t look anything like the website pics. Do you feel like the shades are what you expected based on promo photos?

  5. Thank you! I have combo acne prone skin, and I loved the foundation! A little less full coverage than I like but it looks very pretty on the skin and blends nicely, I repurchased

  6. It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to try a variety of things without breaking the bank, Ipsy is great. If you only want makeup and. I skin care or vice versa you may be disappointed. Some brand prices are inflated in my opinion (like Avant) but others are well worth it. I think after a few months you start getting too many repeats but you can also skip a bag if you want to slow down how frequently you get stuff.

  7. I had excision and DX surgery in 2006 and was on and off birth control over the years. I ended up getting pregnant 3x (twice with clomid and once was a surprise miracle baby). About 2 years ago I started having crippling abdominal and pelvic pain so I had a pretty good run. There are better treatments out there than when I was first diagnosed and I didn’t know much about my options for awhile. I just had a hysterectomy and confirmed adenomyosis diagnosis. Endo encapsulating the whole uterus and had to be cut away from the bladder. Everyone is different and the amount of Endo does not necessarily equal the amount of pain. Just stay vigilant about getting proper treatment and advocating for yourself. 💗

  8. If it’s something I can use but don’t super love, I power through. If it truly just doesn’t work I see if there is anyone in my life willing to take it for free. If not, I toss it. The money is already spent and I’m not going to give it new life by leaving it to rot in my house. It just makes it more likely I’ll forget about other things as there is too much clutter to find the good stuff. Then I try to learn my lesson so I don’t end up with wasted products next time.

  9. Tarte. They are so hated but my skin loves their skincare and complexion products 🫠 I have sensitive skin and have had reactions with so many other brands. But then I’m like “when in Rome!” and of course add on a blush or a Lippie.

  10. I have fair neutral skin and this is my comfort palette. I love every single look I make with it and typically don’t have to think too hard about it.

  11. All it’s missing is a matching milky-white lipgloss with penis tip application.

  12. Sorry, that’s all I could think of. Like, if you’re going to go for it - commit!

  13. Thank you for sharing! This gives me hope for my daughters to not have the anxiety of wondering if they have it like we all have.

  14. I think it might be helpful to delineate between Sephora’s version of high end — C. Tilbury, Givenchy, Gucci, Dior, NARS, etc. versus what people in the cosmetics industry would consider truly high end - Cle de Peau, Chantecaille, Sisley, La Prairie, etc.

  15. I always think of Cle de Peau, Chantecaille, etc as Luxury and the others as high end. They are well outside my price range either way 😄

  16. I have an IKEA desk that has lasted through 6 moves between myself and my Mom and it’s still going strong. I had it first and then passed it to my Mom when I changed my setup in my craft room. The Alex drawers also held up well. In my beauty room I have an Impressions Vanity but the IKEA stuff I think also does well for this purpose. I got one on Amazon and it barely survived two moves before it just wanted to fall apart and give up 😂 I took the top of it off and use it for overhead shots/filming and in the background now. So my vote is no on Amazon and Wayfair unless someone has one they would highly recommend from there.

  17. The setting powder is my favorite but the rest is kind of meh. If I needed more I would buy the bundle but I have enough setting powder to last me at least another 4-5 years.

  18. Contour and clear brow gel or any type of brow pomade/powder. I also don’t feel like I need a powder foundation or even really much powder. I bought a pressed powder like an idiot but have at least found a use for it to set down my eye primer and it has helped me to control the oils in my eyelids a bit more. I also don’t feel like I need a toner or essence in my skincare routine.

  19. I can’t comment to a similar experience but I’m glad you’re there for your kids. Whether you think they see you or not, it makes a difference in the long run. Your presence in their lives makes a difference. I’m sorry you don’t feel seen. Sending you love and light 🧡

  20. Since you aren’t sure if you would like bronzer, I agree to visit some in store and swatch them. If you think that will trigger you to buy more you can start with an inexpensive drugstore item and if you find you really enjoy adding it to your routine you can buy the high end when you’re ready.

  21. As an adoptee I would have loved and cherished this. One of the biggest questions was always if I was loved and wanted by my birth parents or why I was given up for adoption. Hearing my birth mother’s thoughts and feelings about the pregnancy and birth would have been lovely as that is not something my parents could ever share with me. You seem very loving and caring and LO is lucky to have you as a birth mother. Best of luck with delivery and the adoption.

  22. I’m an adoptee and my birth mom says she told my bio siblings but my half sister was quite shocked to learn of my existence and to this day I don’t know if my half brother in my bio dad’s side knows about me. I have no idea if the others knew about me but I know that none of the extended family did. My bio dad’s sister found out after he died and she took a 23 and Me test and we matched. I don’t have much to offer except that I know how it feels to be a family secret. I think for me the part that makes me most upset is that they were married and kept their first two kids and the half sister & brother that came after me so I was the only one that was put up for adoption. Everyone pretty much refuses to acknowledge my existence except my bio aunt.

  23. I did the same and appreciate you sharing! I’m 3 weeks out and really miss being intimate with my husband! I’m still having a ton of pain in one side, though so still a bit concerned. 🫣

  24. I made myself a beauty comfort bag and included a mini moisturizer, some face wipes, a mini mirror, some lip oil and hydrating face masks. Self care is important for me to maintain my mental health and it really helped. Maybe a glass nail file and some cuticle oil? Anything you do is absolutely wonderful!!!! 💗

  25. I saw someone say the Mini Alloy is the next “leaked” release but I can’t find it. Has anyone seen it? NGL, this is a shop for me. I enjoy pink/purple tones and love her formula. #sendhelp

  26. I haven’t seen that anywhere and there is no trademark for a mini alloy palette. All of her trademarks we can google and there is no alloy or mini Alloy trademarked.

  27. The least they could do is include a tiny spoon so you can stir it when it separates. Reminds me of “no stir” natural peanut butter.

  28. Even Jen Phelps, who is super no drama, super chill took a shot in her community tab. If you get her fired up enough to say something, you really need to re-evaluate. 😆

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