1. I wish I had realized the utility of this so I could have explained to my dad in the 90s. That man had an intense hatred for backwards hats.

  2. This happened to a tree in my horse pasture when I was a kid. It continued to grow sideways and looked super cool.

  3. The second true death. You die once physically, you die permanently when no one remembers your name.

  4. If you think about the butterfly effect everyone who existed still has an effect on today.

  5. I try sometimes he will crawl out of the gaming room and say sorry but other times when I try to talk to him he just gets mad and lashes out

  6. He’s redirecting his anxiety of him playing the video games as an escape and you pulling him away shows the awareness of what he’s probably trying to block out. I unfortunately didn’t see the light until after I lost the love of my life. It unfortunately took that heartbreak for me to realize it personally.

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