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  1. Have you ever sniffed someone’s underwear when they weren’t looking?

  2. Smelled someones underwear when they weren't looking? Like I wait for them to turn away to grab a their panties for a sniff?

  3. No that sounds creepy and complicated honestly. I know what underwear smells like though.

  4. Good thing abortion is pretty good about actually terminating the fetus.

  5. Hello pickle, from me and my bloodied fingers. What have I done? I appreciate your kindness and loyalty. I can tell commitment means something to you. That's a special quality. And hey, beer means something too which is also pretty special in my book. Thank you for being accepting in a world of chaos.

  6. Thank you! You are very sweet and kind and I wish nothing but good things and happiness for you. Its so nice that you are putting in the time and effort to find kind words that are specific to so many people.

  7. Well I can tell you took the time to learn a bit about me and used it to spread kindness. You deserve to have that kindness returned to you. I'd return the favor but all I can tell from your profile is you like boobs, but who doesn't. You were kind and said nice words which is appreciated.

  8. Wouldn't a true libertarian not want to intervene in the life and choices of others? Is that not the point?

  9. So I have commented on ordinary posts before where the poster is a sex worker through reddit and have bots set up to auto send nudes to whoever comments on their posts. I get that that is their job but it's probably not the best idea to have your asshole autosent to everyone without them asking for it.

  10. I dislike any words when used with the intention of hurting someone. Plenty of people can get pleasure from being called a slut or a whore with the right intentions.

  11. I think if changing your gender can help you legally then maybe we need to change the law to not favor one gender over the other.

  12. To the men, toys during sex are tools not competition.

  13. For the men, how do most of y'all know how long your d is? Do you just guess or actually measure it and if so, where do you start measuring? Ive seen multiple men brag about their d size and was just wondering

  14. Measure as far back to get the biggest number you can. Then maybe add an inch.

  15. Toys and pegged once. I enjoy it and think a lot more men would too if they got over this idea that it makes them gay.

  16. I feel like women more often can feel pretty. Wear cute clothes and makeup and actually feel pretty in it. I often wish I could snap my fingers and switch genders whenever I wanted.

  17. I understand not liking condoms. I don't think anyone does, but refusing to use them when dating new people is just stupid.

  18. I love all shapes sizes and colors. I get why some people may have preferences, but don't really get why something like that would be an absolute no to a person.

  19. I think I got a decent dick. Nothing to write home about, but I like the way it looks. Not too small not too big, cut, mostly unshaven.

  20. I feel like I have a good idea about it all, but would love to be better at it. I know I can be awkward sometimes, and it makes me feel silly. I haven't had many partners, but I am very comfortable with discussing sex with her, or anyone I know is comfortable having that conversation.

  21. I mean I'm in a relationship and don't care to venture out of, but if that were not the case I am a switch and would probably be open to trying something like that at first but be over it after not getting anything in return.

  22. We both use it and know eachothers user name. No secrets for us.

  23. I hope to never be back on the ol market, but if I was I think I'd be open minded. In a good relationship so its not something that I think a ton about.

  24. First I think if he didn't want to be with you then he wouldn't be. Also, the idea of being with someone with a "perfect" body is all up to perspective. For all you know he could have found them more boring and finds your body type to be more attractive. Real people are flawed and those flaws are attractive and make you beautiful. Just talk to him.

  25. This seems like a situation my gf would be in and I can only hope to act with the level of heroics Jake did.

  26. I honestly can't imagine any man who is circumcised really cares. I'm happy I was. I don't want a foreskin. This always seemed like people making something out of nothing.

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