Weed isn’t ‘harmless’

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Man arrested for....doing exactly what he was told

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  1. Another uninformed weekly weed hate post

  2. Despite some people claiming that this is not an unpopular opinion, there sure is quite some objecting views from both sides in the comments. So this game is no exactly unpopular, but more a part of the controversial views.

  3. I guess it depends where you look :D I felt like an impostor, I'm glad there are people who agree with me

  4. People has this ideal justice/moral that is so far off reality its like they live in a bubble.

  5. Stopped reading after you mentioned building ardent, you should research that before telling others shit advice

  6. I'm not really a good player but I kind of hate how much people meme on ardent. I've always loved it and I know it's not as strong as it used to be and there's all this other stuff to build, but it can still feel nice.

  7. Ardent can still be a good item, but it's definitely not the nobrainer "build every single game without second thought" item anymore as it used to be

  8. You can always drink alone in a group setting, if you know what I mean

  9. I must admit it's hard to find a subreddit where people cry about their champ more than here, maybe singedmains with minishcap crying in every tweet from the balanceteam.. commendable

  10. We haven't been crying for long tho. Before all the nerfs we've even been saying Nasus is too strong but now the crying is justified since he is garbage tier atm.

  11. That's kinda how the meta shifting works, sometimes your main is good, sometimes he's bad, people are acting like this is a nasus only problem when in reality, this literally happens to every single champion in league.. the sooner you realize it the better for you and this subreddit, crybaby posts are dogshit and nobody cares except other crybabies

  12. Not really a comedian, but John Oliver in his LastWeekTonight, he tries to be funny and it's always full of jokes but i can't help it but cringe sometimes :D

  13. This splash giving me homam V Sylvan vibes

  14. The lower rank you are, the more worth it is to not ff, since comebacking in bronze elo is 10000% more likely than in challenger.. Until like high master euw there's always a way to turn around

  15. Well if it wasn't him i would probably agree, but people who did the opposite of what he was saying became rich real quick so i might just lump sum today and make shit ton of money idk

  16. Well both Udyr and Mundo had a rework, all of their skins got remade

  17. No, duh. The only reason we wear them is because it’s a tradition. It’s not like it’s perfectly logical to want to sleep in a clean set of clothes so that you can avoid illnesses and actually rest. Omg, I cant believe you think it’s not for tradition!

  18. Well, it's atleast on par, maybe even healthier by some studies, to sleep without clothes, so why not do that? Because you're already used to it, your mom is used to it and your grandma is used to it, kinda seems like atleast a generational habit, maybe even idk, how do you call it, tradition? idk

  19. I'm actually a programming teacher and I'd disagree that homework is absolutely necessary for kids learning basic programming. Yes practice is necessary, but for kids they can actually learn a lot by just having weekly 1.5 hour lessons (what I do with them). By the end of a term they've learnt about variables, functions and are able to use them on their own and realise when they're necessary.

  20. What you're talking about are the basics of the language itself (as you mentioned basic programming), which mostly isn't anything you have to understand, it's just how the language works - the rules themselves, however, I presume ListenLady58 meant algorithmization, which you can't learn unless you actually practice (if you're not a 150+ iq genius ofc)

  21. That IT is a BIG field and a person that likes to build computers probably doesn't know how to create a company network

  22. Since there aren't that many reasonable pro-life arguments, these people tend to go the religious way and pressure people with bullshit instead, because they don't have a choice

  23. That both sexes have pros and cons, and you can't exactly say one has the upper hand over the other

  24. The funny part about it is that for them, my playing is often considered tryharding while for me it's just chilling with the boys on my offlane on a champ I've never played before.. Some people from bronze would consider freezing a wave tryharding, while for normal players it's just the common thing to do

  25. Imagine living in a country that does this to their people lmao, the american dream i guess.. What a nightmare

  26. NBC offered Jerry Seinfeld $5M per episode for another season and he declined. The show was #1 on television when it concluded and the series finale played in Times Square.

  27. What show are you talking about? You didn't mention any

  28. Well, if the younger partner is 20, depends if they're celebrating their tenth anniversary or second

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