1. When John Cena caves in Fred's head in the fred movie

  2. If this is a deal breaker then it’s probably better that they break up to be fair

  3. There’s something special about the experience being drifted away from reality and soaking in a brand new world made by someone completely out of passion

  4. All these movies are popular now though. The Oscars typically nominate movies that everyone forgets about 10 years time

  5. Reasonable, these things are pretty arbitrary of course though.

  6. It was at #1 and now it’s off the top 10. It’s just interesting to see how ratings change as the film is released longer, more people see it, it becomes more popular, etc. It’s more than just a statistic

  7. i am allergic to soap and i have a small bladder. im not proud per se that i’m dirty but if i use any kind of soap (hypo allergenic or not) more than twice in one day my hand breaks out in hives and starts bleeding ✨ so i pee every three or less hours and I gotta make sacrifices and holding pee in is bad for your health

  8. I would just wash without soap. It’s better than nothing haha

  9. Breathless, Persona, and that Satan movie aren’t artsy? What would you call them?

  10. Well, all movies are ‘art.’ But I consider these entertaining and brilliant masterpieces

  11. They’re all good movies, but most of your list is just the top rated films on Letterboxd. There’s no personality, there’s no reason for them to be your favorite other than that they’re “good”. A favorites list should have movies that mean something to you, that you can watch over and over

  12. That’s what these movies are to me. Especially 1-5 and 15, 16

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