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  1. I think I found the culprit, it could be a side effect of the rabies vaccine. In the article, it states under common side effects.

  2. It was at this time, the crocodile knew, he fucked up.

  3. I think Andy was wrong for not telling her but I also think she overreacted.

  4. my family called them “eye boogers” to each their own I guess.

  5. At least you didn’t “hang up”.

  6. this comment needs more upvotes.

  7. First, breathe and let the money hit a savings account and develop a plan and do not rush to action. You need the right people, knowledge and a solid plan. Also, side note…dont tell anyone.

  8. That dude is a fucking bitch. Girls are fighting why the fuck are you jumping in?

  9. send it into the federal treasury department.

  10. Dont haggle with family, ask what he wants for it and if its too expensive just tell him.

  11. An easy trick is to drive speed limit.

  12. 2.5% commission on $250 million is $6.5 million. Wow!

  13. I thought Gul’dan saved thrall and was the first to be turned green?

  14. That's something from the movie. It mixed the first and the second great War (partially because, lore-wise, the bad guys won the first War and were defeated during the second)

  15. So this is just movie trivia and not cannon?

  16. I give you…the most dangerous spectators sport. Holy shitballs!

  17. Seems really steep. Build it yourself and save some money.

  18. I know this is a prank but sometimes I cant help but think that someone might actually respond to such a positive experience. I love this video.

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