1. They are the highest they've been in more than a decade...

  2. Ah. I see you're right - seems like it's based on the instability in the banking sector.

  3. If there's only one running to the attic, that's only going to give you one connection. While you could put a network switch in the attic, obviously you'll need a power source for it and you'll need to take into consideration the heat in the Attic which probably won't lend itself to the network switch lasting long term. One other possible scenario is if you could get that network cable moved around (hopefully there is some slack to work with), and terminate it in one of the rooms, and put the network switch there, like in a closet, so it won't be in the heat and the dust of the attic ... Still need a power outlet for it though.

  4. The other end seems to go outside to the ONT. Can you have 2 wires coming into the house from the ONT?

  5. Depends on the model of ont, some of them actually do have two Network ports, although it also may depend on whether both Network ports can be simultaneously activated. The most common models used in residential installations usually have a single port, some of the ones installed for business customers will have two, and also depends on what they had on the truck when they did the installation. Best I can say is try it. Just be sure that the cable goes where you think it does, and is not connected to the telephone terminals.

  6. If you don't want MoCA (and presumably not Powerline either), is running ethernet outside an option? You could go straight up from your ONT to an upstairs room with the router and your PC, or possibly the attic if that isn't finished and go down through there instead of up through the basement. If you do that be sure to get an outdoor rated cable.

  7. So I went digging in my basement and there is an ethernet cable that runs into my home office where my only jack is. But then there is another ethernet cable going up, not to any room so now I am wondering if they ran an extra cable into the attic for future cabling like I am trying to do?

  8. I have the similar problem, live in a townhouse, ONT box in garage, office two floors above it.

  9. That’s the idea. Where is the other end of the existing jack? Is the jack in the wall or back of router?

  10. The other end of the existing jack must connect somewhere in the basement because my ONT is outside and my fuse box and Verizon power brick is in the basement.

  11. If you can find where it goes, you may not need a new switch. If you can’t find it, just go off your existing router.

  12. Is it possible it is directly connected to the ont outside the house. Like goes outside until basement and up into my home office?

  13. Check what's in the attic.. Perhaps you could replace the distribution point in the attic with a switch with enough ports, and pull through an ether cable instead of the coax. And then have a single run to a router between your network in and the switch?

  14. Distribution point of what? The coax cables? I have a coax jack in every room of the house but only 1 ethernet jack in my home office.

  15. Build a map. It's hard to offer any more advice without seeing what's really there.

  16. Clearly, you can't do 1-5 year financial projections so you resort to "personal attacks" at least, this glorified lab tech knows way more than you, evidently.

  17. Then you should know projections don't always come true. But a paid off house is a fact.

  18. Right but the debt that you owe right now is considerably cheaper 10-15 years down the road. It's much wiser to build a healthy emergency fund, maximize 401ks, 403bs, 457s, 401as, HSA, roth ira, mega back door ira. Paying off a house is the same concept as front loading an investment, except in this situation, the invesment is quite illiquiid. Because I'm a lab person and in mid mgmt, I'm able to understand proper allocations of resources based on their irr and npvs. If you have the money, and are expected to keep getting money, it makes absolutely no sense to pay of a debt that has very little accessible value. That would be the same as purchasing a 1m piece of lab equipment and paying it off completely while neglecting raises for the staff, supplies, and other expenses/investments. You can believr whatever you want but I'd rather have 500k in liquid assets/investments so I can plan without panic in case shit hits the fan than to dump 500k in a house then have an immediate emergency which will force me to either liquidate or refinance/heloc at an uncertain rate.

  19. Doing a lot of things- buying ibonds, short term treasuries, AA and higher corporates, and CDs in the secondary market. SCHD and a few solid dividend payers. Considering munis, I live in a no income tax state.

  20. I do not prefer dividends ETFs. Their tax treatment is not favorable and dividends are irrelevant to total expected return (when accounting for the size factor). If someone wants a small cap tilt, there are more direct and effective ways to get it.

  21. “Eventually” there will be a point where the S&P may not make up 75%+ of the us market cap. Vti will position you well in that case but voo won’t.

  22. You can connect your controller to the fire stick via Bluetooth

  23. I have not got your question. can you be more specific?

  24. They are still profitable but they take a lot of work and of course, there is a learning curve. It's the same thing will all content creation online, whether it's a blog, youtube channel, mailing list, etc...

  25. Price returns treat dividends as lost. The total return (including reinvested dividends) from VXUS over the 5 years through December was about 5.5% (

  26. International outperformed US in 2022.

  27. Yes we do!!! On the client side though!! So if you call in and want fractional share investing, we can’t but you could on your end. I know this because I work for said company.

  28. It’s an entry level job earning an entry level salary. Also, in my department, you have to have at least an undergrad degree. Also the training could’ve been better. I understand that you can’t predict what clients call in about but it would’ve been nice to handle specific calls before getting on those phone lines.

  29. Oh and I love the, don't worry I'm going to have someone call you tomorrow. No call ever.

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