1. Anyone who votes Forza please thumbs this fellow up. Thank you

  2. Here's the thing...I see im in the minority here but I want to watch it without intermission because of the way my mind is, I am able to more deeply get lost in the movie.

  3. reaserching topics that i like, watching movies sleeping and reorganising my shelfs

  4. I said the height. All the other options are already attainable if only I had the determination or discipline. Height would require serious surgery that I don't even know if it is doable in real life. Only ever seen someone made taller in a fire futuristic movie called Gattaca. Statistics probably show that being taller has its advantages in multiple areas of life.

  5. I've really enjoyed some of their games. However if they went out of business.... that vacuum would be filled by other companies...maybe better ones? Then again...I watched a big ea game's credits yesterday, and dannnngg they employee a crazy amount of people. I thought those credits would never end. So that's one good thing right? Then again working for big corporation can really suck. Sighs. Idk.

  6. Red 40 is classified by at least one government as leading to cancer. So myself I say red 40.

  7. I remember feeling like it was darker and slower than I wanted it to be. I get what you mean by the sexual, however compared to Tos, tng, and dsco; I don't think there is more sexuality. It's just with T'Pol's tight outfit and supermodel looks it is difficult for many people's minds to not notice her physical attractiveness. However, all that being said, I really did enjoy many of the episodes of this series. The antique enterprise from so long ago with all its limitations (ie a grapping hook, plate armor)...was kind of cool. The intro theme song, which I hated at first for straying from the classical iconic, into a less timeless modern sing song...well I've come to Love it, as I recognized the value of the lyrics (that it wasn't about faith in hey-zeus but rather "faith of the heart"). The Andorians were fun in this. The Vulcans were too. Many people have expressed on here that the doctor of this series is their favorite. While I respect one beats Bashir for me. The visuals were delightful too. Anyways I hoped this helped. Nothing wrong with watching the first couple episodes. Then some more, and just quitting whenever you get tired of it. I did. I quit somewhere in season two cuz of the d a rk atmosphere. Then a few years later I picked it up again and was pleased that I watched the rest of it. Star Trek will always be there waiting for us 🥰

  8. I am sure I will get a lot of ugly responses to this, BUT I think woman do it as much as men do. They are just as obvious as men are. And that is ok. For the most part when men quit checking out ladies it is time to check their pulse because they probably passed on.

  9. That last sentence 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. You're probably right

  10. I'm not really sure, I just think it's rude to look at someone's body in a perverse way behind their back. Even if you're discreet, but that's just my opinion.

  11. I've upvoted you for adding an additional perspective to this conversation. Thank you

  12. I think he thinks we should burn all the copies of it...

  13. That's fucking genius. Whoever designed that...good thinking. Damn. So much safer for the workers too. They deserve an award imo.

  14. I actually draw better when I am tired. This was pointed out to me back in art school even, and on days like today when I am sleepy, assuming I can actually focus on my work (today that is a struggle obviously--i'm here...) I take a look at that day's output and it's pretty good...

  15. Maybe that's why I feel like I'm better at video games when I'm fatigued.

  16. Why did the teacher decide to teach math that day instead of the alphabet - because the alphabet was outnumbered. - I tried this and they didn't laugh. I liked it though. Thanks for the idea.

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