So I'm back to Ubuntu LTS

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  1. Hot take but I don't like any tekken yoshimitsu designs lol.

  2. yeah idk just pirate it so he doesn't get any money from it

  3. gonna say something sacrilege. i wish we had a mechassault 3 instead of this

  4. Every single post of Durov makes me sad that I’ve convinced my friends to use Telegram.

  5. I think office is bi yearly for perpetual releases, or it may be once every three years. Or you could just do 365

  6. I don't fucking know but polls should be banned on this sub

  7. Xkeyscore, but only the NSA has it and I don't think it's a thing after snowden leaked it lmao

  8. I would love to apply to the store I live at now but the apply now button has been greyed out for a month

  9. Back in the day, we could go to the store and talk to the manager if the application online wasn't working. Not sure if they'd be able to help now, but many retailers are hurting for staff over the holidays.

  10. I'll go talk to HR tomorrow. It may also help because my address is 2 hours away because I'm in this city for university

  11. Ah ok, lmk what your taking when you make it if you’re comfortable with that!

  12. Terrible idea. You need thoae monthly security patches. Use GRC InControl to block feature updates i f you want, but I cannot emphasize how important security updates are.

  13. Uneducated fools need the constant updates.

  14. You don't have IT brain then. You have toddler brain. I say this as someone with a degree in information systems with a minor in cybersecurity. Don't like modern browser UI? Change it! Firefox has custom CSS. Want to use an old version of windows? Go ahead! Just use LTSC so you get security fixes.

  15. Most people can't even go to work without a car

  16. how is this an opinion lol, it's a fact, especially in rural areas

  17. I can't think of one Netflix adaptation where they hired people who actually liked the source material. It's ubiquitous throughout the entertainment industry (Star Trek, Star Wars, Wheel of Time, etc.)

  18. While not necessarily by Netflix themselves, cyberpunk edge runners was amazing and treated with repext to source. Same with witcher

  19. fellas does caring about your privacy make you a crypto fash?

  20. armed irs agent sounds based. especially if you had a slick ass machine gun

  21. Sorry for being dumb and too lazy to google but which counties does 18 cover? I think 19 is Greene Columbia Dutchess

  22. Fuck Bryan lunduke and fuck you for posting his shit, op.

  23. Pretty cringe from what I've heard. I have a friend that tried listening to then and said trueanon is pro Russia. I like bryson or whatever his name is when he came on chapo to talk about black hammer though

  24. Wasn't it a few years ago when GNOME 3 first released?

  25. I tried to install void the other night with encryption, and after spending 2 hours doing so(my first "manual" distro install), having it boot into grub rescue, having arch fail to install as well, even with archinstall, and a lot of screaming, I just installed Ubuntu and it just worked.

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