North Carolina county declares state of emergency after "deliberate" attack causes widespread power outage

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  1. Middleswarth BBQ chips, Benzel’s pretzels, peanut butter meltaways and chocolate covered pretzels from Gardners, hoagies (central Pa is the best place in the country to get a good hoagie), getting hot food from Sheetz at 2am, Pink’s peppers, Galliker’s iced tea.

  2. Having it in there literally doesn’t affect anyone at all. Taking it out would be malicious to anyone who actually cares.

  3. Exactly. And I am with you there, I am a man but I have always been more interested in feminine things. The idea of being born 10 years later literally terrifies me.

  4. I went skiing with an ex. Her boyfriend at the time chased me down the streets of Denver with a sword. It did not end well.

  5. Lang: “get in the fast lane grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll.”


  7. This is all going to be a big nothing burger when they Justice department refuses to prosecute, or if they do, when Trump receives a presidential pardon.

  8. One thing I’ve consistently noticed about the Supreme Court in the past decade or so, evidenced by the difference in questions asked by the conservative and liberal justices, is the manner in which they approach crafting their opinions. Liberal justices seem to focus more on how potential rulings would affect the country. While conservative justices seem more inclined to rule primarily based on the constitution/law, consequences be damned.

  9. Congratulations! I take you don’t have children?

  10. Awesome, then let parents raise their kids however they like since you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

  11. What the hell are you talking about? This is a thread about places to visit in PA. Take your little crotch monsters wherever you want.

  12. While I fully agree, Obama didn't need Trump's help to be considered a lackluster President.

  13. Agreed. If he wasn’t running against my favorite candidate of all time, McCain, I would have voted for him. I wasn’t unhappy he won and was looking forward to his presidency. However, after his first term, I couldn’t give him my vote the second time either.

  14. You make some good points, but blaming Obama for what happened to the ACA after his terms ended and for prompting a backlash is inane.

  15. I guess I should have elaborated on the ACA point. It was a stripped down version of the proposed bill, not because of Republicans, but because Democrats couldn’t get on the same page. In the end, it passed by the narrowest of margins, needing to use reconciliation to pass. It was a flawed bill, a half-measure, and Republicans were right to strip it after Trump took office.

  16. I can’t even drop my kayaks in at Bunche Beach.

  17. Why any Georgian even vote for a Texan for a Senator is completely baffling to me

  18. It’s a team sport at this point. ACT like you wouldn’t vote for a Democrat senate candidate, who just moved to your state, over the Republican choice.

  19. It appears, based on the vehicle decals, this guy does flags and decals as a business.

  20. Eyes Left? Doesn’t sound biased or anything /s

  21. So you’re not operating in an echo chamber, listening to people who confirm your pre-existing narratives. Oftentimes it’s a good thing to expose yourself to other points of view, things with which you might not fully agree or agree at all. Challenging pre-conceived ideas is how we grow.

  22. The person was not a suspect just fyi. They were at the protest the entire time, and therefore could not be responsible for the power situation. Watch out with the spreading of misinformation.

  23. Yeah I’m sure people will hand them right over /s

  24. Really? I've never tried, best course recommendations?

  25. The best course in the area is at Estero Rec Center. There’s also a course in North Fort Myers, but it can play rather difficult. Off Daniels, there’s a church with a course. It’s wide open with zero obstacles, so it’s a good place to learn to play. There’s also a course in Bonita that I have not played. RIP- the beach course.

  26. Thx, I'll start with some disc's and go from there, weird that it never occurred to me, but I've never seen signage so, out of sight out of mind I guess

  27. Join the Facebook group “Estero Disc Golf Community” also. The people in this group are always happy to help new people just getting started. Also, they control the lost and found disc return at the park.

  28. Like I said, they can exist elsewhere, in a place for adults. Cosplayers exist but I don’t see any Goku story hours. There is a time and place for everything.

  29. That’s your answer to the well thought out response above?! No wonder this is a cesspool.

  30. I do understand and there are several times a president has ignored a ruling from a Supreme Court throughout our history.

  31. Clearly you haven’t seen how Republicans consistently wait for Democrats to make the first move and then do the same thing times ten. Remember when Republicans blocked the Obama court nominees? Well, that only happened because Dems blocked ten Bush nominees. When the shoe was on the other foot, Republicans used that precedent to implement a full scale blockage of nominations. On that same note, when the Dems did it first, Republicans refused to eliminate the filibuster to confirm their nominees. When Republicans blocked the Obama nominees, Dems didn’t hesitate to nuke the filibuster, a precedent that Republicans then used to confirm three scotus justices.

  32. The difference is that for most rulings the courts and other executive branches and courts can enforce their rulings… if Biden forgave the debt, who would undo that action? Would the federal government have to sue itself to get its money back? Lol

  33. I think my point was more stating that if Biden ignored scotus to implement an EO, what would Republicans do using that precedent when they hold the presidency again?

  34. Reminds me of Frank Reynolds trying to sell something

  35. Has the coverage been awful? Yes, pretty much. But you can’t cover soccer in America the same way it’s covered in Europe. The goal is to grow the sport in the states, and that means reaching the causal fan. Unfortunately, that means essentially dumbing it down and making comparisons to American things.

  36. Airport food and drinks. $7 for a granola bar. $6.95 for water. $22 for beer. $17 for a chicken wrap. $9 for trail mix. It’s criminal.

  37. Stopped at Auntie Anne’s in PIT, and a pretzel was $10, dip was $1.50. I worked at Auntie Anne’s in a mall in high school. Pretzel was $1.80 and dip was 53¢. I’m not that old.

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