1. Def a win. I thought having them this week would be my win but here we r

  2. Assume it worth going Haaland to Watkins tn before a potential drop?

  3. Gw28 I've done haaland to Watkins Gw29 I'm not touching strikers and kane has a good fixture Gw30 I'll do toney to haaland

  4. Yes I think GW29 is where I bring in Shaw and Bruno but around that it’s the luxury striker maneuvers

  5. A sign that once we all bring him in for one of the two he missed a pen and gets a red

  6. Wildcarders forgetting Salah scored 21 points last week (averaging over 10 points in last 2 despite scoring 0 this week) and they got a total of 35 points compared to 70 from most non Wildcarders

  7. I'm doing that. We have almost exactly same team

  8. Haha that’s what u get when money ain’t a thang and u go for what seems like an obvious template!

  9. Almost same! I'm just doing Zinny -> Shaw instead

  10. Ok moving on from this (yes it’s tough) still looks like he’s playing pretty well and had he scored I think ppl would be talking about him more (keeping in mind the blank)

  11. I’m thinking Rashford but my brain is telling me Toney

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them score similar in one game. Thus DGW got me and I’m going tonez

  13. good bruno. ill be bringing your whiny ass in soon

  14. I assume it makes sense to start Trips over Zinchenko?

  15. If this BRI game did get postponed (still doubt / really hope not) I assume it would make sense to do the following instead:

  16. Took 12 hit for triple brighton if this happens might press the emergency wildcard. Fuck off

  17. At least u have a WC to bail u out. I’d consider hitting it anyways instead of the 12 pt bit but what do I know

  18. Why the scaremongering? There's like a 5% chance of a PL match being postponed this week.

  19. Agree- I thought this reflected new “news”

  20. he needs 2 yellows to get suspended not one….he’s definitely starting both games except for a red card in the first game

  21. Ok I’m salty but you may want to wait for Brentford to play Fulham before making this comment

  22. And to be quite honest I’d want Raya and Toney the rest of the season if they keep it up. I’d plan on going my Brentford defender to Shaw (still think he’s an amazing option) but if other things come up I’ll keep my Brentford defender cuz he’s cheap as hell

  23. the problem with C is that Maddison always feels like one tackle away from an injury. If I am not going to play him, I'll wait till the last news of that GW and then transfer him in

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