1. This is it. One Elon post a week at most. No joke yo

  2. How about some newer info alongside it? Yknow, connections besides symbols and film.

  3. I hear u I'm working on it. That concept of "The Craft" and that book "How Freemasons Shaped The World" is interesting, just starting to dig into it. like Altyian Child's said in his Freemason expose video "The Craft" is "Witchcraft." Gotta slam this point home

  4. Dunno, Hansen's not the guy who I want investigating Disney. Guy's been doing shady shit as of late.

  5. I certainly do not assume everyone is a lady. I typically dont even mention gender in conversation unless it is explicitly necessary, or needs to said due to formality. It's an easy line to avoid.

  6. So you are saying it's the mentally ill vs the mentally ill 🤣🤣🤣

  7. You're so far off your rocker. Just chill. Dont recall asking for a discussion. Have a great day.

  8. Same. Trump banned Epstein from his hotels. Trump had nearly zero control over the FBI, CIA, DOJ as they were attacking him. The idea that he could get them to go after Epstein when they set up Epstein's "suicide." I'm nearly always a fan of anyone the establishment hates, and they HATE Trump (both sides)

  9. He did exactly what we do....sit an watch in horror. Lets remember, JFK, and Nixon. Lets remember Ike telling us he lost control of the "Military Industrial Complex" He was the most powerful president of all time on military affairs, other than Washington, and we expect Trump do fix it? I'm surprised he is alive.

  10. Then we need to vote In a whole new class of politicians that sign a document saying day one they will abolish the CIA and FBI day 1 and have a new law enforcement group that we vote for the director every two years, two year term limits. The document/pledge would also state they'd mandate paper ballots and mandatory full audits after each election.

  11. Very good stuff here. What are your thoughts on Rothschild basically creating the new Israel in 1948 in his image? Him standing with Abramovic in front of the Satan painting suggests he's not actually a Jew. More like Khazarian/Babylon Mafia

  12. Haha great catch with the "Time is on my side" I totally forgot about that. WOW. That confirms Azazel=Zazel=Saturn. Great stuff

  13. When did Apollo become evil, I missed that part. Maybe Apollo has helped our country, like Artemis now does, and that’s why we have named space programs after them.

  14. When demonic CERN built the LHC over an ancient Apollo temple, when demonic NASA landed a Saturn rocket on the moon in the Apollo program, and when people who worship Apollo started raping and killing kids.

  15. I have to disagree on NASA and CERN being evil. I think both have information that you and I don’t have regarding the history of mankind and other beings that live on Earth in frequencies we can’t see and in other parts of the universe. I think CERN is our way of combating whatever it is out there that controls us. I also think that occultism, i.e. hidden knowledge, is part of the key to understanding real truth and is not “evil”. Can people use it for evil purposes, much like Christianity? Yes. Duality is abundant in our reality, you cannot have light without darkness.

  16. What do you think you're missing? I'm not clear about what you're asking.

  17. Solid analysis, I appreciate it. Let me ask you this. What exactly is that hexagon storm on Saturn? Is there some kind of power source or portal in the shape of a cube within Saturn?

  18. The hexagon storm is a vortex, meaning there is definitely some physical force at play causing the effect. There are a few proper scientific explanations for what that force is and you should definitely look into them. In my belief, the material realm is united with the spiritual realm on Earth, so with a scientific understanding of some phenomenon, we can form assumptions about what is going on spiritually with that phenomenon. I don't want to pretend like I know everything, but my own assumption is that Saturn as a spiritual force is inherently neutral but that it is being used, quite expertly, as a force towards the ends that I described in my first reply.

  19. Now I want to hear all the mason defenders: "wE dON't wOrsHiP tHe dEVil"

  20. Keeny, the Black Cube is always blown up in the movies. It's the enemy, along with Saturn.

  21. Okay, I need some things cleared up. Because when I see Bill Gates holding a Black Cube controlling the world and when I see "The Cult of the Black Cube" book saying the New World Order is the return of "Saturn's reign" sounds like they are down with Saturn and the cube

  22. Imagine if somebody posted this image to Conspiracy with the title "Guess how Grimes predicted COVID?"

  23. Lol. No. A while back Alan ritchson did an ama on Reddit. I asked him why he threw up a 666 symbol in a picture with his kids. Got nothing.

  24. Haha well good job at least asking. If a ton of people started asking that question on Twitter to Elon maybe he would answer.

  25. could someone explain to me how the covid vaccine comes together along with this plan of theirs

  26. I think a lot of the batches of vaccines were placebo but from what I've heard this first round was just to get graphene and people and see how much we can handle without dying. So they put different amounts in different batches and tracked it

  27. There's a few more key clips I want to add like linking it to people becoming connected to Bluetooth after the vaccine and this one guy does a really good job showing evidence from the lab confirming the graphene in it and how it expands and self-assembles with 5G. Read it only allows 15 minutes video so I wanted to keep this one short but the full length will probably end up being about 30 minutes

  28. Because you've essentially hijacked something that used to be good and filled it with your jesus twaddle. I'm gonna follow suit and block you both.

  29. They don’t know. They don’t understand, they don’t wanna understand and they were not meant to it.

  30. Haha duly noted and thank you, friend. I should be spending my energy exposing the people trying to bring us under a slave AI hell

  31. Unbelievable. Dude this is wild. They really aren't anything anymore. They are telling us THEIR views. I just watched the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's called 2010. And it's exactly like this. The elites I think are trucked by the demonic entities doing all this. They think there will be a new golden age and they will be high up in the chain. In fact they will slaves like the rest of us in AI-hell

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