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US Taxpayers just bailed out Kenny by defacto. FTX-friendly bank Silvergate received $4.3B loan from the Federal Home Loan Bank to stave off a bank run. US taxpayers are now officially subsidizing crypto fraud/grift in the first US crypto-bailout, all done in plain view. So this is how liberty dies.

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  1. This kind of shit will just push them to stop selling FSD outright and go subscription-only, like Adobe did with Creative Suite. I know people don’t value software and that’s why apps get pirated and race to the bottom / freemium on price, but I’d far rather spend even $15k up front on a car I’m going to use for 10 years than pay $24k over the same time period for subscription.

  2. Meh put the 15k in Tesla stock and pay the subscription—you’ll end up making money.

  3. This is what you get when you mix marijuana with hard right Christian conservative. I guarantee this began as a fixation with the name “Mr. Beast” sounding like the number of the beast.

  4. The "real" economy ended in 2008. It's all a house of cards and the regulatory and enforcement agencies charged with ensuring fair markets are all complicit.

  5. With Biden’s open contempt of Elon and his connections to the UAW I wouldn’t be surprised if this is more strong arming then a discussion.

  6. The new business plan for literally ALL institutions is to become “too big to fail,” the translation for which is: EVERYONE will be fucked if they try to shut us down.

  7. That’s the problem with basing your business model on fringe terrorism.

  8. let’s be honest, they’re gradually leaving no option but revolt. How do you fix a rigged system when you aren’t even allowed a seat at the table? This is 2008 all over.

  9. I have no respect whatsoever for any serious religion, but if somebody is deliberately taunting a stranger by doing something the KNOW the stranger will detest no matter what the context for no other reason than to piss them off then they should expect to be punched.

  10. So what is it when a religion and its zealots threaten you that you’re going to suffer eternal damnation if you don’t submit to their ideology?

  11. It literally said "lock in FSD at $8k if you reserve now". They better keep that promise. That would be a blatant lie otherwise, while taking our money. I know people say he promised FSD way back, but this is different.

  12. I plan on starting a fleet if RoboTaxis are a thing by the time mine are available. This is why I enjoy the CyberTruck getting delated until FSD is really solved without a need for a driver. I have investors ready, cuz I can't afford 20 cyber trucks. ha. Otherwise, I'll give a few reservations to friends and family and maybe sell the rest or just cancel. Gametime decision.

  13. Do you know if Tesla cares or has any provisions against reselling their cars? Is there any law (like dealer certification of some kind) against it?

  14. The sooner we can get to virtually eliminating the profit side of practicing law and bring costs down the better. So far the legal system is ridiculously lopsided in favor of the wealthy.

  15. It's ridiculous that they're even referred to as "profits" when they're basically theft.

  16. He's a blatant liar operating as a servant/representative of the people. He should be arrested. The goalposts for integrity have been pushed so far we actually TOLERATE our public servants saying whatever the fuck they want with irrefutable evidence they aren't acting in good faith. Do we let lawyers just make up laws during trial?

  17. Basically the Republican mindset is to believe anything that supports their delusions of victimhood and it represents an opportunity to sow stupid narratives they can take action on to damage their own party because they’re too stupid to fact check. We need more of this. If they won’t accept facts then let them destroy themselves believing lies. Magical thinking is killing America.

  18. AI will be the final pivotal moment in humanity’s existence—a beautiful future for all or annihilation for all.

  19. There's a direct line from Nixon to Reagan to W to Trump. The oligarchs have never been quiet about wringing as much money as they can out of the government. They have gone out of their way to radicalize the Republican party.

  20. Let’s be honest. The Republicans are all in on violence as a way of achieving their goals and everyone else is trying to have good faith discussion. At some point fascism always succeeds at instigating its main objective: war. When the Republicans feel they’re entrenched enough they’ll start one. Meanwhile they’ll use stochastic terrorism to incite guerilla terrorist attacks. Fascists win ground by ignoring the rules and justifying inhuman methods. Sooner or later you punch a bully in the face or you keep getting punched. It takes some pretty impressive skills to talk your typical murder enthusiast out of getting everything he wants just to spare the life of someone he wants dead.

  21. It means fraction, like a piece of something.

  22. As in you don’t own a fraction of the shares you think you do because they’ve been re-hypothecated endlessly.

  23. Names of the parties responsible, as well as living or deceased status would be nice to know…

  24. Let me go ahead and publicly admit the world is ending so I can listen to bible thumpers say “I told you so!”

  25. Right. Is it even a bank if it’s decentralized? Decentralization makes creating money out of thin air a lot harder.

  26. nothing's going to get better. across the board ... education, environment, healthcare, politics, culture, the environment.

  27. Not to mention that the normal and healthy mechanisms that people who care used to use to create change are being outlawed and thwarted by corrupt governments and corporations working to all but ensure our doom. Something something desperate measures….

  28. As much as I despise what the Iranians are doing, your comment is just not accurate. Science and technology, by and large, haven’t been hindered by Islam. Personal freedoms and women’s rights have.

  29. Only in the way that all religions do—that being they’re the root of a tremendous number of barbaric and unproven lies used to subjugate humanity but sure, whatever.

  30. Wtf is up with all the faked fouls in soccer? Is there no penalty harsh enough to end this kind of lousy sportsmanship?

  31. a strictly defined and enforced wealth disparity distribution model where the richest can not keep any further wealth "creation" without bringing the poorest levels further up the ladder. Since poverty is relative there would still be people who fit the definition in a technical sense but whose livelihoods never fall in relative terms to the wealthiest people without the wealthiest also having to make adjustments. No pyramid shaped distribution of wealth since it creates massive power disparities in favor of the increasingly few at the top. Self-regulating through an algorithmically governed cryptocurrency.

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