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  1. I'd love to help you celebrate your birthday

  2. Definitely want more than just seeing them

  3. I lether ride me cowgirl so I can suck on those amazing tits

  4. My Great Pyrenees won't come in when it's snowing unless he's hungry

  5. A tight hug and a kiss the help you get through Monday.

  6. Id love too, it would take it out my bucket list something I want to do

  7. Definitely a second look, a first orgasm riding my face. And a long hot fucking

  8. Throw her on the bed, eat her to a couple of orgasms and fuck her brains out fuckable.

  9. Id love you share with me, damn you look good

  10. With those beautiful eyes and sexy smile you've got all you need

  11. I'll bring a couple of bottles of wine and we can enjoy the bubbles

  12. You got my attention, I'd be happy to give you a lot more

  13. Really good, you should definitely continue

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