To seek medical help in America

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  1. I'd love to eat that great ass, liick that juicy pussy until she's come so many times she begs to be filled.

  2. Yes I would, there's something about redhead that really turns me on

  3. It's to remind you to have a cold beer, it is important to stay hydrated in that hot truck

  4. A toothpick and plyers, first you push the toothpick in the center and grab to outer ring with ghe plyers and pull

  5. I'd like to be your doctor, Hope you feel better.

  6. Super glue gel, glue it heavily then spray with water to harden it quickly

  7. It looks really abused, meaning a lot of money to fix. Can you fix much yourself? The price plus repairs could easily exceed its value. Have a mechanic check it over completely to know for sure.

  8. Try and get my Great Pyrenees in the house in a blizzard, I dare you.

  9. I'd love to play with your whole amazing body.

  10. It's easier to load the rockets this way

  11. She is probably a constant visitor to the ER. See it all the time.

  12. Alabama has one at exit 49 on rt10. But no big trucks allowed

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