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  1. I wonder where would we suppose to find him. And in what circumstances. Judging by his face sketch, he went through a freaking hell...

  2. Yeah... I would love the OG Metal Gear remakes with Fox Engine. I've never played the old ones. This would be perfect opportunity.

  3. Freelancer tools is just the briefcases. You keep everything on the wall

  4. Thank You, but it's already a nightmare, especially with these mandatory special objectives which in my case are mostly time trials and saso's...🙄

  5. I want a winter map! There's a lot of winter suits with no purpose at all (besides Hokkaido). I want some blizzard, winter map like Siberia or Biarkov Bomb from Contracts.

  6. Was there any news about nightmare in ACC theory? Sounds really interesting 🤔

  7. Amazing! I always was a bit annoyed by new voice overs. Especially Gray Foxes voice was too clean.

  8. Woah! I love the details on Snake's suit! I was always wondering how would his suit look like if MGS1 got remake 🔥

  9. This isn't its final form yet, I'm working on improving the suit right now! 😁

  10. I can't wait to see the final results!

  11. Thank You so much! I'm planning to do another mission very soon 😀

  12. Im actually replaying mgs v and i made a post a while ago I think last week about the fact years ago mgs v didn’t really hit for me

  13. Same here! I'm just taking the plot more seriously and I'm concentrating on every detail and listen to all tapes. There are lots of things I've missed last time 😅

  14. Duckttape holds the whole universe, I tell you!

  15. Cut at will, just like in first MGR trailer!

  16. I think using the phone counts as a meeting being initiated and whoever the target is goes towards it.

  17. If I knock out the target before it gets to arranged meeting and then kill him. Will that work for me? I have to knock out the target and eliminate leader while he's heading for a meeting and I wonder if I could make both of tasks...

  18. I want to dig into Gray Fox story 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Protokół uruchomiony nieprawidłowo. Świat imploduje, rozpocznie się deszcz żab, a komentującym wyrośnie cebula na nosie.

  20. Say what You want but Ground Zeroes looks better than TPP. I don't know why, but the lights, textures, rain all of these effects looks much better smh.

  21. Dawood Rangan's private security navy suit. One of the best in entire game!

  22. Hello E3, it has been 9 years since metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain has come out, so we are proud to announce our new MGSV pachislot!

  23. There was a time when I was really hoping that Konami will release something groundbreaking after 9 years (like the 9 years of Venom's coma). How wrong I was... :(

  24. Ah I see. You're a man of culture as well.🧐

  25. Chris Brown, who actually beat the hell out of poor Rihanna...

  26. This guy never fails to put a smile on my face 😅

  27. Gather evidence at every step. Just in case.

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