1. That’s my post you’re talking about. Lol. This isn’t him but this is the same vibe.

  2. I still don't understand the "more guns strapped to you, the better" theory. I would think it'd be better to have a gun you're good at shooting and plenty of ammo for it. I challenged the ones who downvoted me in the other thread to tell me their viewpoint on it, but they chickened out.

  3. A lot of people were defending open carry in that other thread... arguing it would help 'normalize' guns when really what would 'normalize' it is people carrying period.

  4. I feel like the right to have firearms has been broken into two categories. One group has the right to carry firearms for safety and protection. The other group has the right to show off all their guns to get attention and feel important.

  5. Fuck. This is depressing. She was always so beautiful and I thought she was aging beautifully. These women (and men) who aren't happy with simply aging gracefully and feel the need to go to drastic lengths to keep their beauty is only making themselves look worse. I hope the younger generations don't make the same mistakes when they get older.

  6. I thought Madonna looked great for her age... then suddenly she went extreme facelift and mutations and denied having anything done. It's sad that celebrities feel the need to do these horrible things to themselves to "fight" aging. She looks sickly and mutilated now.

  7. How do I force the Packers to keep me and my huge salary? Act nutty again so other teams won't want me.

  8. And everyone else 100% continuing to hear hourly nonsense.

  9. I think having so much soap opera-like drama would only ruin a simple, lighthearted sitcom.

  10. I carry for protection, but really don't understand multiple guns. I can guarantee that I will never be in a Bruce Willis movie-type situation where I'll be shooting in different directions.... gun in each hand.... and tossing guns away when empty.... only to grab another.

  11. Keeping everyone in the dark while he sits in the dark.

  12. It doesn’t seem all that shitty to me

  13. In high school, I owned a Dodge Rampage. Same concept.... car front, truck back. I loved driving it. Tiny, but fun.

  14. No it isn’t. But thank you for your input. Constant hater from day 1. Time of your life on this sub rn.

  15. 8 month alt account eh? What are you hiding from?

  16. Rodgers... hearing about possibility of finally being traded.... decides to do something to look ridiculous so hopefully other teams won't want him and the Packers have another expensive and embarrassing season.

  17. If he comes to the jets he can play in darkness. More of a proverbial, soul crushing darkness though.

  18. As expected, he's again doing anything crazy to deter teams from wanting him... so the Packers have another expensive and embarrassing season.

  19. He can't see what you're doing or when you're home with those trees in the way. If you cut down the trees, it will essentially expand his yard into yours (in his mind).

  20. It's sad that I can know exactly who posted this before reading the poster.

  21. If you only knew how many people REALLY want Rodgers to go.... AND how many people are so incredibly sick of the only reason anyone can give to keep him are these ridiculous MVP awards...... wow....

  22. IMO it's a showpiece gun. It's a poor size/grip fit for 99% of the population and is usually just purchased to show off to others.

  23. Having shot Colt 45s, Colt 500, and a Desert Eagle, the DE felt like I was shooting a much lower caliber gun than the revolvers and I always thought it would be a good gun of choice in bear country.

  24. I have shot one several times... to me, it seems unnecessarily large in size.

  25. Where are you located? Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan are losing pines in astounding numbers. Foresters are not recommending their planting and many "farms" are busted. The turnaround could be profitable but the real money is in removal round here. Sad.

  26. I'm in Wisconsin and live across from a tree farm. I am not seeing any slow down on pine/spruce sales. Our County tree sales sell out every year on pines and spruce.

  27. How idiotic of a take. There’s no operatives. There’s a party that wants to put America first and stop sending billions to a country where we can never track where the money goes…..besides back to democrat pockets.

  28. We have given Ukraine less than 5% of the yearly U.S. total for military budget. The U.S. is not going bankrupt helping Ukraine fight off the Russian morons. The only people who would be bothered by all this would be fanatical tRump followers who can't think for themselves.

  29. Damn, you are right 😂 I guess the yellow color tricked my brain...

  30. $2500. Rifle, bayo, sling, 3 Polytech mags sealed in their package, 5 round mag, cleaning kit, gas port tool, oil bottle. Only thing missing was the manual and I ordered an original from KFS.

  31. What's weirder is I left that sub before I joined this one, and they just banned me.

  32. I never joined... just a lurker.... but bad mods make me furious enough to leave comments. I'm now waiting to be banned from a sub I never belonged to.

  33. I bet there are people who will watch this show who actually didn't watch That 70s Show. The network would like to lure in as many viewers as possible.... even those "new" ones.

  34. Like... dreaming about the times he played with Rodgers and lost?

  35. Maybe they could send him there now? Ending the 30+ posts per day of "Rodgers scenarios"?

  36. She can't afford her own space laser beams. Oh darn.

  37. Do you work for Peacock? Because I hear more complaints about them than good comments. Their streaming is horrible for me. It's not individual devices or connections..... it's Peacock being cheap and not upgrading their services.

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