1. Zero chance I'd ever do anything but laugh at those. I prefer to build strong feet with good technique. Not whatever these would lead to.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, the island I live on during the summer has a population of 5000 year round and I get better food there without all the chain BS. Even got better vegan food on the Galapagos islands and they can't even ship outside produce there lol

  3. I wouldn't. I've enjoyed learning from my mistakes. Zero regrets.

  4. This should be the first thing that you try. You should shoot for 7–9h of sleep opportunity.

  5. Nobody tell him about the secret cougar bar where all the mega hot super model single horny cougars go. He must never know.

  6. There's no way this could end terribly. Zero red flags about wealthy guy, 19 year old from Miami, moving in. It's like a fairytale.

  7. Aside from the folks who've given me cameras, I got my Mamiya 645 with the 80mm lens for $70.

  8. I'm glad I found them after a terrible experience with another mechanic in Bozeman. Great folks. Always had the funniest chats with the gal that answers the phone. They're great.

  9. THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING. Not riding side by side with the right lane, not for riding your breaks going under the speed limit. And you got a line of cars behind you?? Move over! People reaching a certain age that it becomes hazardous that they're on the road. Assholes riding in the middle of both lanes coming around blind curves.

  10. Yes. Left lane is for passing, if you’re in the left and cars are passing you on the right you’re doing something wrong.

  11. I grew up in WI. People come up on you in the right lane, sit behind you for a couple minutes, then pass you on the left. Literally no one else on the road. Totally free to pass you and never slow down. It's so f*ckin weird. Never experienced that anywhere else on the insane level I have in WI.

  12. Why would anyone take a picture with a lady in it where you don't sees the bobas?

  13. This will be an unpopular opinion to many, but trying to separate and condense the protocols from the mechanisms and reasoning for the protocols largely defeats the purpose of what Huberman is trying to do.

  14. I'm in the same boat, but I'm 43 now. You shouldn't think about is as something to reverse, just think about it as something you're moving forward from.

  15. How am I supposed to show everyone I shoot film if I don't have a full sized fridge full of it? I keep mine right by the front door so when people ask why there's a fridge by the front door, boom. *opens fridge door* I AM ANALOG!

  16. Film photography (it's a side hustle/career motivation), trail running, and gym climbing. That's about all I have time for before life responsibilities start to get neglected. I'm not super into drinking, plus $7 for a tap beer is f*cking crazy.

  17. And calm tourists. Which is also feeding potential crime victims to the wolves.

  18. Yeah, not everyone on the street has street smarts. They're marks.

  19. Someone who can compose a picture? You're in the wrong place. RUN!

  20. Always happy to hear there's still good bosses out there. Finding one is a blessing for sure. Have fun with the new tools.

  21. That website is so weird. I still haven't really figured out what it's supposed to be. So far it seams like Tinder for telemarketers.

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