1. Get a Sam’s club or Costco membership so worth it just for gas save .50 per gallon

  2. It’s hard to say. Do you have a shifter stop, pitch stop, or any other transmission mods? If not it could be as simple as installing some.

  3. I got it used with like 18k I don’t believe anything was done but I did see on the window sticker it came with the sti short shifter, what is a shifter stop

  4. It removes the sloppy feeling of the transmission when shifting. It also decreases the length of the shifts.

  5. I’ll have to look into that appreciate it!

  6. For metric I do like Fifth age, eastside alchemy, Rosslyn (can be hit or miss if the jar was stored properly) Rkive, Superior Solventless, and tripp scientific (Procannaindustries)

  7. Do you gotta know someone to get caregiver stuff or how does that work?

  8. If you have a med card check vehicle city social out in flint, otherwise check the events that are posted in this sub. HREAM events are good and have a good selection of products. You don’t need a card for those. Finally there are plugs and reps you can find on social media. If you go that route id recommend going with a rep that works directly with a caregiver.

  9. Appreciate the info man, would a Ohio med card work? Might need to Renew mine lol

  10. Where do you find these bigger jars at I can always only find 1g

  11. Yes perfectly normal default or base clocks should basicly be ignored. Look at the boost clocks instead when your cpu os under load

  12. entirely normal, basically all modern cpu's boost their clocks higher if there's enough power and thermal room to do so.

  13. How many miles since you last drained it? It catches more in the colder months due to condensation. Check it more frequently in the winter.

  14. I wanna say probably 5k how often should I be draining that thing

  15. In the winter, I check mine every 1k and there's a good amount in there. In the summer, I just drain them every 3k (which is my oil change interval). Do you just have a drain plug at the bottom? Are you opening up the can to see how much has accumulated?

  16. I have the boomba style one it has like a little valve at the bottom with a Allen key I’ll have to remember to drain it more in the winter appreciate it!

  17. How do u clean the bits at the very bottom having a hard time getting that area

  18. I put it in a jar with iso and let it sit for like a half hour then wash it out with hot water works perfect

  19. How's the game? Haven't been into Harry Potter since 2nd grade in 1997 lol. But it looks cool af and has good reviews

  20. Get the game it’s actually pretty damn fun and the visuals are amazing

  21. Everyone is saying so much like they all have personally smoked this stuff themselves

  22. Looks aren’t everything, not like this guy claiming this is top shelf just says it’s some gas and I’m sure it is

  23. I feel the same. Woodward is dope when I have the cash. So for the money, you enjoyed?

  24. Soak it in alcohol for about 30 min then get like a paper clip or something and scrape it off just don’t scrape it too hard don’t wanna damage the bowl

  25. Bho doesn’t need to go in the fridge. Fresh press rosin needs to go in the fridge. And cold cure rosin you can get away with no fridge for a bit like a week.

  26. Even if I am dabbing them? Like take a dab then toss it back in there?

  27. Where the mold all I see is frosty nugs… sure you just didn’t smoke too much get a little paranoid? 😅😂

  28. This is some kinda hack. How did you delete engine blown?

  29. I did my wheel bearing and didn’t replace the abs sensors it’s okay 😂😂

  30. THANK YOU! It's been a breeze so far. I'm going at it with a learning/experience mindset. A few missing parts and rounded bolts have definitely reminded me that she is a rusty bitch hahaha. But I love this car to death.

  31. That’s good been thinking if I wanna do my own clutch or now will definitely save money just don’t know if I wanna do the work 😂

  32. I think if you have the love for your car, you will enjoy doing it. But if it's just a toy, I would get it done by someone with the right tools. I mostly did it because I bought this car to force me to work on cars and make it a hobby (never have been into cars). It's been a genuine learning experience and I absolutely love getting this car rolling after I've beat it to shit haha

  33. Personally don’t like ballcaps w no pearls, Bradley miller has some good spinner caps and get yourself a 4mm, zee vapor has both

  34. I mean for my preference yes but it would probably be fine, I’ve seen people use big pearls and they worked

  35. Okay sweet appreciate it I also got the 3d chamber

  36. Both are great. Word is that Play, being their “budget brand”, is trim run. But hell, it’s still super fire.

  37. If it is trim they are doing something right over there

  38. Even their flower is good. Worth the hour drive for me especially on sundays

  39. I feel it, 2 hours for me unfortunately but that’s not horrible

  40. I personally love it for the price 4/120 for the play can’t beat it and the taste and effects are amazing, their rkive ones are 3/120 and I think that’s a deal as well definitely some fire, what do you think on it?

  41. Hmmmm.. in my opinion pretty damn good. Once i heard of rkive i have not looked back. Rkive also has a house brand called play which isn't bad either. I have bought every type of wax from a cured resin to their has rosin... they had some outstanding deals in oswell adrian Michigan.. their rkive hash rosin was 3/100 rkive live resin was 5/100 play cured resin was 9/100. Play live resin was 7/100 rkive cured resin was 6/100. Oswell in adrian might be a place to go to , especially when they have deals like this from time to time. However I just shop on sundays . 20% off 10a-12

  42. Is their live resin good? I’ve been manly sticking to rosin but it’s starting to hurt my pockets lol

  43. Mine had issues coming to a stop. Ended up needing plugs. Haven't had a problem since

  44. Changed mine at like 30k maybe it does need it again appreciate it man

  45. The molygen is rated for Asian vehicles as well (some of their other offerings are German rated only).

  46. I've had good luck with Amazon as long as you don't use a 3rd party seller on there. The one time I tried to save a couple bucks going 3rd party (Edo Performance) I got the wrong viscosity and the oil was old as hell looking at the code.

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