1. we're watching Mitchel earn that missing L in his name

  2. Sammy has massively underrepresented how many daily standups the project managers I know have to lead

  3. feel like the editing is intentionally including a lot more Unseen Bits-y moments in the main episodes this series, very pleased with this if they can keep it up

  4. Hey! Where did you hear about folks facing that SSN/SIN issue? I wanna make sure I avoid it or know how to navigate it!

  5. What is the error that you get for Pop Up Jail?

  6. not the person you replied to, but I am also in pop-up jail (despite regular spend on both my US Amexes) and I get the following message:

  7. ok whoever said Molly looks like 90s Kate Winslet - I TOTALLY see it now in these night scenes

  8. the subway big breakwich is shocking me as an american

  9. is that the one with the eggs and chicken nuggets (can't even believe I've typed that out)? it looks ... interesting

  10. George is speedrunning a Love Island first week elimination, Jesus Christ

  11. I can't see those lightning bolts objectively after binging Vanderpump Rules these past few weeks

  12. Blanket rules make it easy to enforce, after all most times the J tickets are more expensive, most HR types making those policies are also not even aware of latitude or PE as they're not the ones flying. Exceptions exist of course.

  13. I work for a very large tech company and you have to get approval from someone pretty high up the chain of command if you're flying in business class, for any nonstop flight under a certain length. it's something like eight or nine hours, which pretty much rules out any travel occurring within North America, and the company is large enough such that most employees wouldn't be flying that far outside of North America when there are colleagues located in South America / EMEA / APAC who could take a shorter flight to the destination. so 100% can confirm that the AC Latitude economy fares are being used because of policies like that.

  14. If you've never listened to it, the pod James Bonding is funny where Matt Mira and Matt Gourley go through every Bond film. It's available for free now.

  15. They all seem very luke warm on Pierce Brosnan but I always thought GoldenEye was one of the best Bond movies. Does it not hold up today ? Haven't seen it in a few years.

  16. it's behind CR and From Russia With Love in my top three Bond films. Martin Campbell hasn't always directed masterpieces but he sure as hell understands the assignment when it comes to his Bond films.

  17. Thrilled with this Spring haul from Linda! 🥰

  18. Try Flow, they have an intro offer of 3 classes for 30£. I also got a discount afterwards, and it's not too busy place.

  19. I'm thinking of trying this place, what's your opinion of their classes?

  20. I'm devastated, this show was incredible and Eric's anecdote of what happened to him on his first day in SF was legendary 😭

  21. Totem Appliance helped me out when my washer dryer combo was having issues last year. FYI I remember there was about a week between me scheduling the appointment and the appointment itself.

  22. Do TD and Scotia clawback your cash bonus for opening a checking account if you close within 1 year? what's sweetspot for closing the account after receiving welcome bonus?

  23. I opened a TD checking account in May of last year and closed it about three months later (got the SUB after a month), never saw any repercussions and in fact I was IA for the FCT VI yesterday.

  24. I really like the colour schemes and the flora/fauna motifs on the Dr No, FYEO, and YOLT covers!

  25. I can't seem to pay for a month of LetsVPN Platinum - I've tried two different credit cards and I keep getting this error. my credit card issuers don't even see the charge coming through on their systems. anyone know if there are ways to pay besides using Alipay?

  26. My favourite Fast troupe is the flashback of this character was actually standing right next to this charecter all along

  27. nothing makes me laugh harder than these kinds of reveals 🤣

  28. I've found a few of their live shows to be a little underwhelming when I listen to them, but since they were coming to my state I felt I kinda owed it to them for the hundreds of hours of content they've given me over the years. I'm glad I came, they were great. Steve's fucking Zodiac joke (He's like Jack the Ripper mixed with the Riddler so it's fun!) probably got the biggest laugh out of me.

  29. I can't wait for The Eric Anecdote to become part of WHM canon. also really loved the extended riff on presidents' pizza opinions 😂

  30. I would take the I-5 down to around Portland and then head towards the Oregon Coast on the way to SF. I've driven down the 101 from Lincoln City, OR all the way to Northern California and the Redwoods - it's beautiful. as you get closer to SF consider taking the CA-1 (which is coastal) instead of the 101.

  31. I would love if this cast the actual Emma Thompson in it 😂

  32. I've never seen this bag before, this is stunning <3

  33. I had my IRS appointment last week in St Paul, MN to apply for an ITIN and was in and out in 30 minutes. Couldn't have gone any smoother, and hopefully I'll receive the ITIN sometime in the next few months. Thanks to everyone in the comments and thanks to the amazing guide from

  34. Hear me out, everyone goes on about The Mummy being peak bisexual awakening but everyone is sleeping on the 1993 Much Ado about nothing:

  35. when people ask about what movie universe would be great to actually live in, this has to be up there as one of the top answers. Beatrice (Emma's character) spends this movie working on her tan, eating grapes, making fun of other people, and occasionally fending off a proposal from the likes of Denzel Washington. cannot imagine a more perfect life 😍

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