1. So you're saying if there's 6.1M in profit, we're profitable for the year?

  2. Let’s consider the fundamentals from pre-RC

  3. 22% of the float publicly … but in reality … wowza!!!

  4. Sigh it'd be a nice surprise if it climbed after the earnings but good news means nothing seems rigged probably because it is,

  5. I can’t see how they’ll manage once we have first a full year run of profitable operations, and then continuously positive quarterly earnings. Once that happens, we can expect dividends, and that will multiply the pressure on shorts exponentially.


  7. Nothing wrong with a nice nap once in a while.

  8. Glad to see you around these parts!

  9. This post right here is why awards were removed from Reddit!!!

  10. All numbers will be as of end of Q3 ... what's happening now has no impact on what's being reported next week.

  11. I think what this diamond handed ape fuck means is if we are 20 dollars when earnings are announced does it look worse for outsiders/potential investors/recently new investors eyes when they are holding a 20 dollar stock that only made X amount of profit. Basically what they are talking about is the earnings per share and the cost/value of share. So it's easier to explain a crash to 15 or something if we post a small profit. All theoretically and I think that's what this person means.

  12. What do you mean ... like big for ants? The first shares to hit my account were $200+ pre-split, so ... this is nothing at all in my book.

  13. Must have been recorded 20 years ago. That burger was way too fat

  14. Never thought I’d be waiting this long to count my chickens, but here we are. Latest Teddy books have some juicy pictures though 🌭🦆🐍🐔🐻…

  15. Still a 13-4 season and division champs. Bet.

  16. Racing through the dark and deadly dread of space — it's a landscape forever barren of the one thing that gives the universe meaning: life.

  17. Taking on these hedge funds and prime brokers in the GameStop stock market game has been pretty tough. Haven’t beat the boss level yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

  18. Is this game any good? I have a could of little Bluey fans in the house (4 and 7) … think they’d dig it?

  19. Not the asshole, but you do have an asshole leeching off of you.

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