1. Vice grips, or a small screwdriver lol. It’s a shit tool though. I personally use my breaker bar to break the nut loose and then use a rachet (or an impact) to finish it up. Good luck bro

  2. That kid probably had so much joy when he first learned he could do motoX. After this he will probably never want to ride again. Fucking cuck of a dad ain’t even there to support his kid. Bitch ass people nowadays.

  3. She got deleted off Twitter, same one that followed me and started spamming PMs

  4. Pretty sure Fat Larry’s battery also pierces the space-time continuum, so could be possible.

  5. He made his own quantum space time continuum, it’s the black box technology. Cures cancer and makes a mean casserole too

  6. Damn, so this is the tech that probably powers med beds and creates the clones that replace all the celebrities executed at Gitmo.

  7. I am going to say this and it’s going to come off bad. Don’t make life decisions based on a potential short squeeze. Never stake your life on an if.

  8. You should go to your new job, if only for a day, just for the satisfaction of quitting and going to get some lunch on your starter day.

  9. I like that. I think you’re right. Road trip to Michigan first though

  10. For bbby yeah…. I still have a lot of GME though

  11. Me too lol. My largest holdings are gme, amc, and then bbby(q). I’ll ride these hoes to zero

  12. I too remember when AMC had me looking at Zillow. 2 years later I now have to work a second job.

  13. Ouch man, I’m sorry. I didn’t overleverage myself and invested what I could afford to see go away. Not saying that I won’t find myself in that situation, but I tried to use some wrinkles

  14. I read somewhere that the CS swaps would expire worthless cause of course no one has to take responsibility for bad bets

  15. I too saw that. Nobody wants to take the hit on losing the game of hot potato.

  16. Close it in and put up shelves for shoes and a long ass rug.

  17. No. If he borrowed shares at 483 or some astronomical number, he’s sitting great rn.

  18. You can be friends with someone and not invest the same away. He has a OG sneeze short position (allegedly).

  19. I’m not selling there, but I’m watching that resistance

  20. How do people get into an Uber and not have a gun? I live in South Georgia, so I understand there is a culture shift around firearms, but this day in age you best believe

  21. 1 dollar? With everything going on? Bro it’s OTC. Pull up the chart for the pst month. We’re up 500% since bankruptcy. I have no target price to sell, I’ll know when the time is right, based on circumstances surrounding the situation as well as technical indicators (for lolz of course)

  22. Yes we use the magic black person detecting device now built into Reddit

  23. Thank you. isnt black, but that’s how I identify we’re all blue in pandora

  24. You guys are posting everything on here

  25. He hasn’t been wrong yet bro. As a bull, my ni us shared more truth that those in leadership of this company

  26. Pass, look at your bank statement. FREE. They will sell your info.

  27. Okay but why is “A” capitalized, but not “m” or “c”?

  28. I have a 336 chambered in 35 Remington. I love the gun but I can’t half ass find ammo

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