1. An actual fucking Metropolis would be nice. Nolan's influence is all over Man of Steel, the city couldn't be more generic if it tried.

  2. Well, technically in BVS we see Metropolis AND the world react and grow in response to the Black Zero event from Man of Steel. I agree that the aesthetic of Metropolis wasn’t super unique in the Snyderverse, but I do think the city had character.

  3. We don't really see Metropolis have character. We see the world be divided or enamoured by Superman in Batman v Superman.

  4. Yes. It's something about bending his knees when trying to get up. All wrestlers from WWF Attitude game from the PS1 era get up like him because Matt and zjeff did the mocap for the game.

  5. Yeah, his knees don't bend forward, they bend out because of how bowlegged he is.

  6. Health considerations aside, I dont think I agree.

  7. Leg Drop was great for all the reasons you listed. Hogan had the Hulk up. Macho had the point. The best guys signalling their moves became commonplace.

  8. If the Rock is available for Wrestlemania, it's got to be him.

  9. Hmm, i wonder why they said no? Let's ask former Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion what he thinks on the matter:

  10. Isn't this just empathy? Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes?

  11. Got curious and watched through a few and it seems like they made attempts at it prior, but just never quite got it.

  12. Based in this I just fired up the network. I feel like the first embryonic version was with Benoit in 2004, when they introduced the Wrestlemania sign. Then it evolved from there.

  13. If the Rock isn't gonna be at Mania you could have Roman defend the WWE title against Cody on night 1 and then the Universal title against Sami on Night 2

  14. The idea is that Triple H had ton of input during his run. People generally feel it's how Triple H envisioned his run too.

  15. We know Trips had a fair amount of pull. But Vince still had Trips do things he didn't want, like the funeral home scene.

  16. How so? Because he was in the loop for the Montreal screwjob? Do you still dislike Shawn for that reason?

  17. Triple H is usually credited, along with Brisco, as being the guy who said to screw him to Vince. Jim Cornette often takes the "credit" as well, citing a prior screwjob and he says he brought it up in the same meeting.

  18. Sami getting over reminds me a lot of how Mick Foley got over leading up to his first World title win.

  19. And the same as Mick, if they've got a match in mind for Wrestlemania (Rock vs Roman), Sami should get the win beforehand.

  20. Francis Westmoreland was born in Utah in 2109. His abusive parents were cutting edge geneticists, and to them he was just a test subject. They experimented on him as a child, hoping to extend the natural human lifespan indefinitely.

  21. “Francis Westmoreland” might just about be the worst suggestion for the Doctor's real name I've ever come across.

  22. BvS didn’t take place “a few weeks” after Man of Steel. It took place 18 months after. One and a half years is long enough for things to get back to close to normal.

  23. I think Civil War implies that it was the actions of the Avengers killed a few hundred in New York and Sokovia.

  24. As far as I remember Zack Snyder didn't write that movie

  25. He had ultimate creative control, he could have removed it. Or added scenes.

  26. I mean they are different characters, at least in comics lore. That's just a fact now. The only debate is which one was in arrowverse or was it an amalgamation

  27. Yeah I know that, was just distinguishing between wally and Wallace in the comics and that now they are separate characters

  28. I was more responding to the point of "which did the Arrowverse adapt?"

  29. Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XX.

  30. Sometimes people say Turkey isn't in Europe, but then this one has got not only Turkey but also the Caucasus countries, but for some reason not Russia, Belarus, and Kosovo I think? (I don't think there's usually much debate about the latter two being in Europe. After all, one of them is surrounded by it).

  31. Are you talking the Council of Europe? West Thrace is certainly in Europe. And Turkey has a history of being the European sphere. It was eroded over the end of the 19th Century, however.

  32. Well, I mean, you said it had all the European countries, that's what I was referring to. By the way, Russia didn't have the death penalty before they invaded Ukraine? I thought it did.

  33. Sami got a win with the BTB like last year, no?

  34. The fact that it was a one off and you don't know when means it wasn't the type of thing I'm talking about. Sami should be winning a lot of TV matches that way, it should be normal.

  35. Im not arguing against the point, just saying he actually DID.

  36. There's no one thing that makes anyone a star. Wrestling is an ensemble show, even if there are main characters.

  37. Why did Albert drop to the ground when Jeff jumped to the top rope? A bit unconventional.

  38. Albert botched the timing of the spot a little bit, by waiting for a beat. He was doing the standard drop down that's part of "The International" spot, which you'll have seen in almost every match you've ever watched.

  39. What I love about everyones fantasy booking is that I never hear about what happens after. No matter what scenario, Cody/Sami/Roman/Rock/Uso's tag titles bloodline, nobody talks about after Mania.

  40. Here's a booking for you . It should be a four act story for the downfall of Roman Reigns and the Bloodline.

  41. Assuming I was in the writing room and could only make small adjustments.

  42. So many people on Twitter called Meltzer a liar for saying Roman vs The Rock might not happen yet here SRS is reporting WWE offered Stone Cold huge money to wrestle Roman Reigns. Almost like The Rock isn’t nailed on to return to fight Roman. They don’t make this offer to Stone Cold if The Rock is confirmed to wrestle Roman.

  43. Same when Kofi was Champion but Seth was Universal champion

  44. The most important belt is whichever one is one the A-show. Currently the A-show is SmackDown. Before Fox, Raw was the A-show.

  45. It really only made sense to me if The Rock was going to show up. The Trial of Sami Zayn is way more compelling than seeing Afa, Sika and Rikishi acknowledge Roman. It's already known that the Tribal Elders acknowledge Roman. He's the one putting food on the table and they even sent Sikoa to give him additional backup.

  46. Lucas described his outlines to Paul Duncan in 2019 in pretty good detail. No exile mentioned or implied. Luke starts the trilogy looking for young force sensitives, ends the trilogy in 9 having restarted the Jedi order. Consistent with Mark saying that Luke lived in George's outline. Duncan was asked what era the outlines were from, he said this was the final 2012 outlines made for the sale.

  47. Actually, it seems like Luke would have appeared at the beginning of episode 7 or near it, he is exploring the remnants of the death star with Kira in episode 7.

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