1. I really love the "Before" trilogy. I've watched ~2000 movies, and "Boyhood" belongs to my personal top 3. Linklater is an excellent director.

  2. Conversely, I used to sleep to Waking Life on purpose. Was one of my favourite movies for a long time.

  3. The series sort of hinges on the "humans are just doing this all by the seat of their pants", so there's no solid answer here for where exactly their combat tactical awareness comes from. Ultimately you can't really make a show if the Enterprise is going to be blown out of the sky in the pilot episode.

  4. I think I’ve seen an interview with Bellisario where he said even he didn’t like the evil leaper episodes, that NBC demanded the show do that idea.

  5. Maybe in the original, but he came back on board with the new series and it seems that they had this storyline set up from the jump.

  6. I don't know why, but "Phil Thomson" is the perfect combination of "totally normal name that sounds lazily made up"

  7. Run the Hythenos Estate homebrew side quest. Stick Question in there.

  8. I'm not sure about at the Rise, but I eventually gave her a new stat block in Ank'Harel of the lesser Remnant from Tal'Dorei Reborn (she has a whole other thing going on in my game, of course)

  9. Developer here! I put this game on sale to celebrate Ireland/UK Mother's Day.

  10. Streamed this last weekend on the Haunted PS1 demo disc. I talked to mom. I answered a phone. I don't know what my life is anymore.

  11. Question: I see black people say the n-word all the time, so why was it considered a faux pas from Booker T? Genuine question, I am not from the US.

  12. Because they certainly weren't saying it on theoretically family-friendly TV

  13. If you sat 3 feet from a 70 inch TV you couldn’t even see the entire screen without looking around.

  14. Obviously there is a sensible middle ground. Sitting 3 feet from a 70 inch TV is dumb, sitting 30 feet from a 70 inch TV is dumb

  15. Your grandpa had great taste! I can't even fathom how a WCW world would look. I'm sure that would have made it easier to do a real invasion angle the other direction because of all the talent that would be available and not locked under a contract with AOL/Time Warner like Nash/Goldberg/Sting/Steiner were. Rick Steiner, Luger and Bagwell would have probably stayed active in mainstream wrestling longer. Rey Mysterio would have stayed unmasked forever.

  16. Rey Mysterio would have stayed unmasked forever? I guess it depends just how much would have changed to cause WCW to "win the war", but WCW was the only place Rey Mysterio unmasked in the first place.

  17. I've been adding feats along the story that work mechanically the same as Vestiges, without actually being literal Vestiges. For instance, I have a shadow magic sorcerer whose mother was injured by a shard of Vecna's earth titan during the Vox Machina battle, passing along some Shadowfell shenanigans to her son. During the campaign, he's been accidentally coming into contact with and absorbing Shadowfell and Vecna-related shards, gaining new powers each time, similar to Vestige dormant/awakened/exalted levels.

  18. I don't really use podcast stuff so idk if this is plausible or not, but is it possible that the podcast is jumping ahead (then maybe back or something) to one of the break ads? Does the same ad appear later?

  19. Nah, the breaks are never played in full. They go to break, then the break is a short, new clip of one of the cast thanking you for listening and telling you to subscribe or go to the merch shop or whatever. Its maybe 30 secs at the most but doesn't include ads for third party stuff.

  20. I think no matter how old and wise and learned, everyone has a blind spot.

  21. I remember this match better than I probably should. From memory, it was a pretty cool showcase for Mortis and Wrath. I still think that team was legitimately badass.

  22. I swear to god this is very likely my most used Simpsons structure.

  23. The key to the relationship with the rivals is to take the book's wording with a huge grain of salt. The best thing you can do is come up with your own rival interactions, and not take the book's black/white/neutral scenarios as the only options.

  24. I'm curious on how someone could've gotten the scoop on this because this seems like something that those two would personally talk about in private. Like was someone disguised as a giant work cone that slowly moved closer as they talked quietly? That or hiding in a manhole? Or in the trunk of a car? What I'm asking was, was the source wearing an eyepatch and was it Maijima?

  25. Apply this same logic to most of the wrestling "journalists" and you'll realise that they be making up their own parallel storylines.

  26. It has been a while and I find it hard to remember exactly how many sessions each area took, but my estimates:

  27. Hard to say for us, but we've been playing nearly every week for a year and we just got to Ank'Harel a few sessions ago.

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