1. I'm sitting here imagining all the work that goes into developing a system like that and all the things that went wrong before they got it to work properly.

  2. They took their Top/Head Butcher and sat them down with their Top/Head Engineer and this is the result.

  3. Formerly from the law firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

  4. Noon question? Why Noon? Was One too busy? Two went by too quick? Three no good?

  5. Terpenes. Odors dominate our lives and Terpenes have the ability to let us travel through "space". A scent/smell can transport you across many years for good or bad.

  6. It’s gonna start tasting like absolute garbage about 6 inches down once it fills up with tar and gunk

  7. A good cigar will never have that happen. The taste stays the same throughout as the "tar" never has a chance to build up.

  8. I'd like ya to find 11,870 National Guard.... which is one more than we already have.

  9. Yup - taking a good dump fixes everything! That is a turd...right?

  10. This will never pass. I doubt it even makes it on the floor for a vote.

  11. Its not the point. They have to make it "look" like they are trying to do something.... its not about actually doing anything for us, just appear that they are. SMH their base falls for it time and time again.

  12. throw it against a wall really, really hard. the thicker and stronger the wall the better results. YMMV

  13. You cannot have any Jets until you finish your Tanks. You! Yes YOU!

  14. I'm a firm believer in pizza is pizza and even bad pizza is still pizza but knowing this is a restaurant, I really dislike how the cheese has split (or they drizzled oil on top adding to the mess). I can see that making it really oily and off-putting. I'd almost dare to say it is too much cheese but that might just be a personal preference.

  15. Jim Morrison, Sting, Mick Jagger, x?, John Lennon, Axle Rose, Robert Plant, Billy Joe Armstrong, Chris Cornell, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Bono, Freddy Mercury, Gene Simmons, Kurt Cobain and Ozzy Bite the head off of Bats Ozbourne.

  16. depending on where you live and the seasons, you might want to grow Christmas trees. It will take a few years to get them going and a system set up, but you could eventually harvest every year to supplement your income, come Christmas time.

  17. I just had a half of dosidos, which i buy alot and their terp numbers a getting much better.

  18. Makes sense. Each and every successful grow for the head grower, shows that person exactly what that strain needs to be at its peak growth. Sooner or later that grower has it dialed in perfectly. It won't be long before they should be able to diagnose problems much earlier and cut them off before they have a chance to interfere in that plants growth cycle and cause a nute lockout or some type of issue that doesn't allow the plants to be at their best for that stage of its life.

  19. Would definitely make a nice Aioli for that master piece.

  20. That has to be by either Robert Crumb or Freak Brothers creator Gilbert Shelton.

  21. I'd say Gilbert Shelton. Looks more like his style to me.

  22. It really has become a “I’ll believe it when I see it” thing as far as Putin being removed from power goes.

  23. Pretty much any of the surviving Oligarchs will be in line to take over. There seems to be less and less of those each and every month. They mysteriously end up going to the Hospital and end up staying in the very top floor..... but not for long.

  24. Ope. I feel better for my entire life’s distaste for my eye color. Thanks partner 🤠

  25. Never hate your eye color, its your private gateway to your soul! Rejoice no matter what color eyes you have.

  26. That is a wild mask that person has on. Thought it was their real face for a second.

  27. This is the Republicans way of ensuring we do not get Recreational in our State. Put more and more ppl on the Medical system.

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