1. Found it! Thanks to a previous post, asking for this exact thing!

  2. Thank you sooooo much. I don’t like feet but I’m sure yours are quite non offensive

  3. I honestly think Kris looks great for her age- even when the unfiltered/ edited photos come out. It makes me chuckle every time (in a sad way) because she has screwed up her daughters self image/worth so bad that they now look more botched than her (IMO)! I always wonder if this is because Kris came from a poorer family (unlike her kids) and didn't have access to plastic surgery at 15 like Kylie. I love to drag PMK as much as the next gal, but she looks arguably more recognizable than Kumberly at this point. Kris is 67 yrs old.. What are her daughters going to look like by then?? Kylie already looks like a very well preserved swollen 42 yr old, Kim has completely lost control of her "facial narrative" and Khlocaine transforms every time we see a new photo. Kourtney is the only one I can't say sh*t about because to me, she looks like herself and has aged beautifully.

  4. Sounds like they lowballed him with the first offer in contract negotiations. He, as most diva wrs are wont to do, got offended. Since he basically had been practicing with his bestie, Jalen Hurts, he probably had an idea that he'd be able to force his way to the eagles... So he did that.

  5. Since when was asking for adequate compensation diva behavior? Speedy big bodied receivers with good route running and consistent production are not common at all. He knew his worth and wasn’t going to take a cut for a team that has consistently shown they’re not a true contender for a title.

  6. It's a reference to the film Demolition Man. Everyone makes fun of the new guy for not knowing how to use the 'three shells' after going to the bathroom. It's never explained how the three shells actually work tho.

  7. Thanks you.It’s funny how people will know the answer and give you the thing search but not just answer the question

  8. It doesn’t seem like she’s trying to be, she seems pretty baffled by how much caffeine is in the drink and is probably buzzed on an immense amount of it too

  9. I’ve been over caffeinated and don’t act like that. It’s super over the top and poorly acted at that

  10. This was introduced recently, we add them to the episode discussion posts now after they have been posted to the FF socials.

  11. But if her outfit was a dress it’s just seems redundant. Like if I said I loved the dessert, I loved the cake. Seems like she is just talking to talk

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