1. What did you get for the mega city one? Was the answer “Companies” and the evidence was the industries?

  2. What types of narratives and personal essays do you find to be the most memorable?

  3. Looks pretty good but most of these are from the past year, do you have any more long term extracurriculars that you can add?

  4. I think even in context of A2C, a SWE internship is pretty cracked and I think it might be hard to kickstart other ECs as a junior. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s ur internship for?

  5. I won’t mention the company name for privacy but it’s the leading defense contractor in the US. I mainly make employee training website for them

  6. If you know how competitive the program is, you can mention that (number of hires picked among number of applicants).

  7. Thanks for the response! Is there a way to check number of applicants for a job position?

  8. I don't think anyone who got the internship through family connections will admit on their app that they got it through family connections.

  9. That’s why I’m wondering if adding the distinction of me getting it normally would add value to the activity

  10. There isn't a spot to specify that so just write your current title. It's a waste of space to just say you've been doing it for x years as leadership.

  11. Is there a space to specify how many years in other parts of the app? (I’m still a rising junior so idk too much about apps)

  12. There's a space to indicate how many years you've done the activity but other than that no

  13. So in that case I’d write how many years I’m part of the club?

  14. Wow that’s not a lot of schools compared to shotgunners on this sub, but good luck!

  15. Aren’t essays supposed to center around what you’ve learned and how you incorporate those lessons into your life?

  16. I’ve always thought of essays as reasons why colleges should admit you, and a key part of that is having good traits that you can show throughout the essays

  17. It looks like once you cross the academic threshold, it's mainly about the EC and personal score, but do outstanding stats still have some weight on the rest of the decision? For instance, would AO's understand that you might've had less time to work on EC's if you were taking 15+ AP's and DE classes?

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