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  1. Guy I went on a couple dates with disclosed to me he had phimosis. No big deal as my son had the same condition and I felt like, we treated my sons condition, why would this be a problem? He goes on to say that he’s always refused treatment and as such, his foreskin wouldn’t retract at all. Very unfortunate but the more I thought about it, the more questions I had. I asked him “so you’ve never washed the head of your penis?” And he said very candidly, no he never had. The actual thought of touching a penis that had never been washed made me (still makes me) fairly nauseous and couldn’t imagine allowing that thing near my vagina or mouth. Just nope! Ended things before we got serious because, nope!

  2. I stood 3 feet away from a hive being poured into their new frame. No suit or anything. ~6000 bees, and they barely even noticed me.

  3. I did. They ignored that too. Was very offended.

  4. My niece is on her third kid. She's 22. 2 different baby daddies. The oldest is 4, runs around like a feral child, gets pawned off to whoever will take her (which is basically just me at this point if I have a free weekend) and doesn't go to preschool because my niece won't sign her up for headstart (even though I literally started the application for her - I can't do the in person stuff. ) The middle is almost 2. She basically lives with a family friend but unofficially so my niece is still getting benefits for her that she isn't sharing. The youngest is a month old. Has already spent a week in NICU because he caught RSV and they won't stop smoking in the trailer with the kids. If she doesn't get long term BC I'm kidnapping her and making her do it. The kids don't deserve her 'parenting'.

  5. She technically married the first one when the oldest was six months old. I had about a day and a half notice of the wedding and was asked to make the wedding cake. (Which i think is in my post history somewhere! ) Then divorced when she got pregnant with number 2 (though they had split up before that. I think.) She dumped Baby Daddy #2 while in labor because she found out he cheated on her and gave her an STD. Can't figure out why she got back with him, except, well, trash.

  6. Careful about using the word "died" -- everything seems to come back at some point...

  7. An excellent example of how to lose your credibility.

  8. Thank you kind redditor. Autocorrect on a swedish phone makes it tricky sometimes. 😁

  9. Most of them start out honestly trying to make real changes. Once they get in and understand the process you quickly realize you cant do as much as you want without the support of others, and with the support of others comes the I will scratch you back if you scratch my back mentality. And its all downhill from there. You will have to make deals your against to move forward, you will have to lie to someone to get the support of someone else. And so on. You cant make it to the top without making lots of enemies.

  10. I thought " yt " friend means Youtube friend because I muted the video . 💀

  11. i extracted one of these from a cigarette a while ago, and squeezed it a bit too hard and it popped and went into my eyes. it was burning and cooling at the same time, 2/10 do not recommend

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