1. Have you seen the unaltered version? Because it's extremely similar. Down to the shoulder, cape, and cloth.

  2. reading through the thread it seems like any time someone brings up the similarities beyond the headpiece op stops responding and is only using the headpiece as an argument to say that they are not the same.

  3. tree sentinel is the best heavy set imo, high defenses without being so heavy that you are a doughboy. and it just looks fuckin cool

  4. i understand your point of view but please dont be abrasive towards our users. you can explain your point without the aggressiveness.

  5. That laptop doesnt even meet the minimum requirements for windows 10 or 11.The operating system itself is probably taking up all the resources just to run.

  6. yea i have a stock cooler. not looking for a new one i manly play war thunder and older games (i dont even have cyberpunk 2077 installed anymore) i just need it to not overheat on games like war thunder (on medium) and mount and blade bannerlord

  7. If you are trying to stop the overheating you shouldnt be using a stock cooler on that processor. You would want a full heatsink tower.

  8. how much would it cost (roughly) to take it into a pc shop and get them to fit a proper cooler on my pc? (i am NOT risking doing it myself and breaking it)

  9. Depends on the shop. Usually its anywhere between 25-100$ for smaller shops.

  10. You bought a fake drive, theres no recovering from it. For 3$ it might as well be 8gb at most.


  12. My father works from home for the IRS after the brunt of the covid pandemic caused the IRS to adopt a work from home policy and has a similar situation to yours.

  13. You had a backup explosive pepper shaker? Please correct me if I am wrong but do you still have a pepper shaker with explosive?

  14. That computer it budget by comparison to what they could have requested, the specs are entry level, leave them alone.

  15. i was just thinking do you have both 8 pin cpu conncted the 24 pin and the 6pin next to that conncted right ?

  16. its werid i know theres been problems with detection of 40 series cards with amd systems .. but if its all updated it shuoldnt be there might still be bugs in the mb bios ver but since thats the only one up .. i guess kinda gona have to wait

  17. well hopefully it gets here soon, i know adoption can take a while

  18. Is this still happening to you? In chapter 10 my computer is hard crashing. Issue doesn't happen on steam Deck.

  19. Starting to look like it may have been bad handling of overclock settings on the cpu. I guess the game had poor handling of the cpu when not running at stock.

  20. Havent had a chance to try yet, will update next chance I get

  21. Im seeing in the manual for that monitor that the "optimal" refresh rate at 4k is 60hz. Even though 4k 144hz is mentioned in the manual it doesnt suggest its fully supported.

  22. Same thing. However 4k 144hs worked fine on DP port with another GPU…

  23. The specs on 7900xtx says its rated for 480hz at 4k and 980hz at 1080p, so im reluctant to say that its the GPU thats bad.

  24. Windows optimizes itself, dont mess with system settings without fully understanding what they do.

  25. As far as I can tell, the PCIe connector at the bottom of the board is not for a GPU. It's meant to receive power from the PSU order to use the power delivery on the JUSB2 front panel USB C port

  26. Ah okay so its not needed for the supplementary pcie power.

  27. Correct, only need to power it from the power supply if you care about 60w PD charging.

  28. I have a ups I can use and a powered pcie card ill be using anyway. So i got two options on that front, thanks!

  29. The problem here is you're treating Grenades as Ammo, when they're Explosives. You need the Explosive Perk Card Ordinance Express.

  30. Im not using a card at all, ive been using the ammo weight reduction legendary mod for the past 2 years.

  31. No they Fixed the bug allowing it to be counted as ammo. You can adapt to the new reality or just leave your character "stuck" wherever they are.

  32. No, they said nothing about removing its effect on grenades, therefore it IS a bug. If they were to change it they would have made a statement saying such

  33. I never cared about doublestacking weight reduction, nor did I attempt to.

  34. I'm in the same boat. Trying to find a cage/caddy for a h500m. Can't believe parts are unavailable. Maybe they should consider posting plans so we can 3d print them.

  35. That would be nice, maybe someone has a homebrewed caddy plan somewhere?

  36. If you do that enough, you get known as the fake skeleton guy.

  37. i've been looking for a way to spawn in empty large ammo boxes to manage my stash better, any leads?

  38. I think the fact that whoever owns this did it out of season makes this even better

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