1. Saying I watch jiu jitsu like it adds some credibility to you is wild

  2. I meannnnn I could tell he was trying to replicate shit he sees real pros do, like shooting for the waist but he does it like an idiot. Maybe if he didn't see that he wouldn't have tried lol

  3. My first thought: What in a chocolate factory is that explosive?!

  4. FYI: finely powdered sugar (and even custard powder) can ignite and be very very explosive id imagine a chocolate factory has more than its share of powdered sugar on hand - google it for more info.

  5. a slut in theory, but never in practice 😔😔😔

  6. The problem is DNA degrades over time. Even though these bodies are incredibly well preserved, that doesn’t mean there is enough intact DNA strands to say, insert them into the eggs of a living Bison and have it give birth to an extinct animal

  7. yeah exactly so either stop talking about it or do it

  8. These pink, upright terminators. Always in the distance. Always following. Never speeding up or slowing down.

  9. IMAGINE if those were 5 black kids. People would be calling for life.

  10. bro YOU think about it. Just because you're in it doesn't mean you are not porting it somewhere different. AKA a portable object

  11. don't try to come at me for grammar then bitch out

  12. bro McDonalds is a biohazard if take rock bread over that anyday

  13. Absolutely incredible talent almost beyond belief in the realism and detail but I kind of of don't see the point in it. He's just replicating photographs.

  14. oh my god go outside PLEASE. You just said victim blaming about a text🤦🏾‍♂️ you are actually a clown

  15. Yeahhh as amusing as this interaction is... Dude... He's clearly embarrassed, says he is embarrassed....the thing she thought to do was make it internet famous and therefore infinitely and exponentially embarrassing, is just flat out mean.

  16. Shouldn't have SHIT ON HER CAR wtf is your thought process bro???

  17. Sanuks without socks are faster and lazier. They make Inmates at Prisons wear Crocs, and I'm convinced it's not a money thing, it's to break them.

  18. Because most of the time sharks don't attack humans like this. The punch on the nose is for when it slowly gets to close and might go for a bit out of curiosity.

  19. I nearly died from this, but fortunately recovered. I did have paralysis in the left arm that eventually I got rid of via physical therapy. Can vouch that it became deadly overnight.

  20. FIFTY FOR A COMPLETE?? Am I trippin or is that frazy cheap

  21. apologies for my colleague allow me to rephrase. WANTING TO EAT SOMEONE AT ALL IS A MENTAL ILLNESS

  22. Is this trick harder or easier than a kickflip do you guys think?

  23. Yeah but most of them are homeless bums anyways. This girl is young having her life ahead of her. Also pretty damn creepy to film random women at what seems like some nudist event..

  24. Wowww you really just told in yourself and your lack of humanity for people who aren't hot and young

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