1. You should endure far worse for giving ratings to those fascists.

  2. It's perfectly legal to deny housing to someone for ANY reason, EXCEPT for the ones specifically listed in the Fair Housing Act.

  3. The used car market is totally nuts, 5-10k will not buy you anything all that great anymore.

  4. I don’t need anything great, just a car to get me from point A to point B for now until I get out of school and have a real job

  5. It's not about getting something great. Something that costs 5k now will very likely ensure you either will be saddled with something that comes with even more in future repair costs, or that you end up on the bus because you can't afford to fix it.

  6. Mass resignation by previous staff seems like a giant, 500x500 foot NEON CRIMSON RED (if that's a color) flag about an employer.

  7. Personally I liked the idea of the hyper loop, being able to take a day trip to Chicago and be back at home in Columbus would be awesome.

  8. It's a cool idea that is technologically impossible at the moment.

  9. Technologically or financially? I thought there was a working prototype that proved the technology. It’s just that to implement at a large scale, it would cost $$$.

  10. Herbert is retired too. Theres several good judges and O’Grady is one of them. My perspective may be diff as a defense atty. When it comes to setting realistic bonds, warrant set asides, and just knowing how to run a busy docket day to day, he’s one of the best and so is his bailiff.

  11. His judge is one of the better ones in Muni court, so, it coulda been worse?

  12. Enough with the plaudits for people simply doing the jobs they willingly took. It's enough already. Should they all get trophies, too?

  13. Privatization makes things more efficient they said...

  14. The solventless stuff by Firelands, Ancient Roots, and Standard Wellness are my go-to's.

  15. That's fair but I've been underwhelmed by all the solvent-extracted concentrates I've consumed.

  16. What do you recommend for concentrates?

  17. Solventless is by far the best way to go. Firelands Scientific and Ancient Roots put out some good rosins. Standard Farms live rosin is pretty good, too.

  18. How much and where did you find a bucket of salty watermelon?

  19. K that's going to be more difficult but I'll talk to my family doctor and see what I can come up with

  20. You don't need records. You'll get approved if you go to one of the "approval guaranteed or your money back" places.

  21. Botanist in Columbus has always been the most expensive.

  22. The Columbia Care there isn't terrible anymore. They have a handful of cool employees.

  23. Not worth it in my experience. Of course your mileage may vary.

  24. It’s still illegal to have any product cross state lines. Once it crosses a state line, it legally becomes a federal offense, even if both states have recreational. It’s up to whatever cop or enforcement agency you might run into to decide whether or not to cause a problem.

  25. The whole "technically, federally, it's illegal," stuff is far overblown. Johnny Law, a local cop or sheriff deputy, isn't going to (and might not have authority, especially in a rec state, from his own higher ups) to enforce federal laws at the local level. It costs a lot of money and it does not benefit the local system like a state charge might, through stuff likes fines and court costs, etc.

  26. that last paragraph are my thoughts exactly when I read some of this shit. youre a rockstar

  27. The DNC has caused the country's slide into fascism because the neoliberals do fucking nothing that actually helps the working class. If Biden runs in 2024, Trump will win. We can only vote for the lesser of two evils for so long. Gun sales are probably gonna go up like in 2020.

  28. Its gonna vary city by city state by state, parole office by parole officer......gonna be tough to know prior. I would obtain your cert and card, and go from there.......dont mention anything prior to being completely getting approved and recommended....then smoke. When you fail, you will know by their reactions.....always better to ask forgiveness, then to ask for permission.

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