AITA for refusing to drive my gf around anymore?

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  1. ...why is this supposedly $45 dollar eyeshadow pallet category 4 and those bowls supposedly worth $40 in category 1?

  2. the retail values are total bullshit, they arent even pretending anymore.

  3. Years ago working in a produce department, I had a woman call me asking what kind of blood we injected into the blood oranges and if we used a different syringe for each orange…. She sounded so sincere with her questions. I honestly don’t know if she was just trying to mess with me or if she really believed blood oranges had blood in them.

  4. I'm glad she's concerned about the scourge of oranges sharing needles.

  5. Seriously? What exactly do your think she should have answered when people asked, “Why are you sitting here instead of with husband?” I’m dying to know how you think she should have answered.

  6. No kidding. "But you should protect the monster!" is such a weird mentality.

  7. NTA and divorce, now. You need to protect your child from these people. 10 is a completely normal age to rely on stuffies and dolls for comfort after a trauma. Good grief, my son is 9 and perfectly well adjusted and he chooses to sleep with 25+ stuffed animals.

  8. YTA. Your entitlement and immaturity is astonishing and to then act that way in front of his boss? You acted 7, not 17.

  9. ESH. People who need to watch football all day long every single Sunday are absolutely tedious. But you can easily compromise here and do family Sunday activities in the morning or in the afternoon or give your husband the option to bow out of some family time. All day every Sundsy is excessive. Why does he have to be there to see cousins so frequently? It's good for there to be family time, but it's also fine to have some daddy/kids and mommy/kids seperate activities.

  10. A teacher like you did a similar thing when I was a kid, but it was with crickets. I took amazing care of that damn cricket and it lived way longer than anyone else's in the class. It died an extremely elderly bug. It was a great experience. Death is a great experience, too, in a different way. You did nothing wrong. NTA.

  11. Brenner somehow infiltrated the hospital she went to and had her sister told the baby didn’t survive. How he managed this we don’t know, as the only account of Eleven’s birth comes from Eleven’s mother who doesn’t know herself.

  12. Also just for a comparison to reality - there are women who abuse their children and are always on DCF's radar due to their prior issues. When these women go to a hospital to give birth, DCF is notified so they can immediately shelter the child.

  13. NTA. I just want to say - there are many MILs who would also never want to see this video and would find it bizarre to be shared. There is something wrong with your husband and his family. I don't know if your MIL had her privacy violated in similar ways so she feels this is her time to payback the younger generation. This type of hazing mentality is sadly not uncommon. Whatever it is, it is sick and you deserve better.

  14. YTA. You are NOT this child's mother. Terra is 100% her mother. You are acting horrifically and it's clear you are still not equipped to be a parent.

  15. YTA and I hope she calls the police.

  16. I have a very clean kitchen, but chances are high that my mouth germs are on some portion of my dinner leftovers. At minimum I'm using the same fork that was inside my mouth to scrape leftovers into Tupperware. I often scrape in leftover rice from my kids' dinners too. 🤷‍♀️

  17. You are acting like a raving lunatic. YTA. Stop pretending this is about anything other than your dislike of the guy. You're clearly acting out over fears he is replacing you as her dad.

  18. Info: If it was another girl would you have banned her? It sounds like you are more upset by the boy than the cheating.

  19. I certainly hope they retrieved all that food from its stomach. Wasteful!

  20. I really love the padded velvet with young kids. I've wiped up so many spills with no stains. Even wine. 😏 I'm partial to taupe since its neutral longterm and using pillows and blankets for color.

  21. I hate to break it to you but the writers have already explicitly stated that they will be returning to a lot of the character combos we saw in the first couple seasons, so the chances of these 2 interacting is basically nill.

  22. Well, since in S1 Will was paired with vines and Robin wasnt cast at all, maybe there is hope.

  23. Look at this fatcat living off the fumes of old cheese and tuna. Who has the energy to light a match?

  24. But are we sure his birthday isn't a different date? 😏

  25. That SD card is great fiber. You might even poop this year!

  26. I've watched more hours of Trevor's self-published clips on Twitter etc. than I ever saw of him on the Daily Show. FWIW I'm 40 years old. That medium is dying. Comedy Central and the other networks should be scared.

  27. I feel like y'all are blowing it out of proportion. An engineering undergrad is much harder than law school. Lots of undergraduate programs are harder than law school. It's just expected that you're good at student-ing (time management, good studying techniques, willingness to teach yourself things you don't understand, etc).

  28. Law school is doable, its beng a lawyer that fucking sucks. There are some great lawyer jobs but there are vastly more lawyers than pleasant well-compensated positions. Most lawyers are miserable because they hate their job or they are so mired in debt they cant breathe. Many are both.

  29. When you purchase an air fryer, they tell you it will replace your microwave for reheating leftovers. This is a big, fat lie.

  30. Thick sliced frozen sourdough bread is perfect with 30 seconds in microwave then 2 minutes air fryer at 350F. Only air frying makes a big crouton.

  31. Apparently there's something called hurricane fabric that's supposed to be good and lightweight? Expensive too probably.

  32. The fabric is not expensive, at least compared to shutters. I think it's just been slow to catch on because people dont believe fabric can work, but it's definitely gaining popularity. My dad can put up their fabric in a lazy hour by himself. My husband and I take 2 hours together to put up our metal shutters and it is fucking exhausting. We just haven't made the switch because we own these already and always have other more pressing home repairs to do.

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